Duggar Daughters: Getting Sick of the Spotlight?! Ready to Quit?!

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On Monday night, a new season of Counting On premiered on TLC. 

While the show already gave fans a Jinger Duggar wedding special, this week's episode flashed back to the preparation stage for that watershed moment.

Specifically, the search for a suitable gown.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

Throughout the process, Jinger seemed excited and happy to have a camera crew documenting the build-up to her big day.

Yet there have always been rumors that she planned to distance herself from he family's reality TV empire shortly after tying the knot.

Now it seems there's reason to believe Jinger will carry through on her promise to spend less time in the spotlight, and more time focusing on starting her own family.

Insiders say she and husband Jeremy Vuolo have every intention of breaking with the Duggar family tradition of remaining close to home.

They're relocating to his home in Texas, far from the spotlight.

These rumors may help explain a recent clip in which Jessa Duggar cried on camera, complaining that Jeremy is "stealing" Jessa from the rest of them.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

Of course, Jinger's reluctance to participate in her family's fame hustle is so well known that she inspired a "Free Jinger" website several years ago.

In all likelihood, Jinger would have distanced herself from the Duggar compound no matter who she married.

And there's reason to believe that she's not alone in her exhaustion with the demands of TV stardom.

As you may know, Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her second child at the moment, and fans have pointed out that she's kept it relatively private.

In other words, she's posted fewer than half as many pregnancy selfies this time around, and took her sweet time getting started.

If anything, she hid the fact that she's knocked up for a second time for as long as she thought she could get away with it.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Pics (31 Weeks)

This could be a result of the demands of raising while toddler while knocked up, which would be more than reasonable.

Or, some have theorized, it could be a sign that Jessa is getting tired of having her every move scrutinized by millions of strangers.

Currently, Jill Duggar is also pregnant with her second, and she seems similarly un-enthused with the prospect of taking fans along for the ride.

The below clip constitutes the first official announcement of Jill's second pregnancy, yet the reality star is half-assing it.

Admittedly. She makes no bones about the fact that the whole charade is a reenactment for the sake of the cameras.

In fact, when proud grandmother-to-be Michelle Duggar feigns excitement for Jill's "big news," Jill promptly shuts her down:

"You already knew that," Mrs. Dillard tells her mother.

All of this could simply mean that the demands of the reality show's grueling production schedule are beginning to take a toll on the girls.

Or it may mean that the Duggar reality television empire could soon be coming to an end, and for a reason no one could've predicted:

By the rising stars' own choice.

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