Donald Trump: Will He Be a Good President?

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Forget the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a wide margin.

Forget whether or not FBI Director James Comey was blackmailed by members of the Republican Party.

Forget the intelligence that has proven Russia hacked into our democracy with the goal of helping Donald Trump become President of the United States.

All that matters now is this: Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

Donald Trump at a Podium

(Editor's note: The intelligence community and various government agencies should clearly not forget point number-three above. Every aspect of this breach of security must be investigated in full.)

Trump took the Presidential oath on Friday afternoon and then delivered his inaugural address.

He is now Commander-in-Chief. He is the leader of the free world. He is the man in charge for the next four years, at minimum.

So questions about Russian interference and legitimacy and even proper versus improper use of Twitter can be placed aside for a moment.

This is time for the country to come together and answer the only question that really matters at the moment:

What kind of President will Donald Trump be?

Donald Trump Takes the Oath

On one hand, we have every reason to fear for our lives. Literally, some might argue.

Trump has wondered why nuclear weapons aren't used more often. He has threatened China. He has used his position to trash politicians and insult anyone who doesn't agree with him.

The guy trusts Breitbart News more than The New York Times.

He has shown no real understanding of foreign affairs and even chosen not to attend intelligent briefings in the run-up to his Presidency.

For months now, Trump has seemed more interested in campaigning, in soaking up the adulation of his supporters, than in actually running the country.

He lies so, so, so, so, so very often.

So it's understandable why such a significant portion of the population cannot fathom a circumstance in which Trump is an effective President.

On the other hand, Trump is not beholden to any member of his party.

He did not rely on traditional Republican support throughout his campaign, often ignoring advice and doing everything in his own, bombastic way.

He speaks his mind. He is not intimidated by anyone. He can use these traits to take stances on populist issues that the typical politician would never touch (such as gun control).

There's no question that Washington is overrun by lobbyists and by the influence of corporate America, as Trump so often asserted from the very beginning of his campaign.

If he wanted to be that person, Trump could actually drain the swamp.

He could make sweeping changes as the powerful, confident outsider he claims to be.

Of course... he's thus far nominated a cabinet that's comprised of nearly all billionaires and/or ex-Goldman Sachs employees.

Did you see the answers Betsy DeVos gave in her confirmation hearing for the position of Secretary of Education?!? This is the person Trump thinks should be in charge of our children's future.

So he isn't off to a great start in this regard.

But the Trump Presidency begins NOW.

Will you give him a chance? Has he not earned any kind of chance? Are you scared about the future or cowering in the corner over what it might entail/

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