Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: The New Leader

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Abby Lee Miller wants to find a new leader for the ALDC as it becomes clear they will need to find consistency if they have any hope of succeeding at nationals. 

When Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 8 got underway, Abby  was still ecstatic about winning at Fresno. If you watch Dance Moms online, you will know that the ALDC previously struggled to emerge victorious at Fresno, so this was kind of a big deal for them. 

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With Nia leading the group number,  Holly wanted Abby to start to understand that Nia could be a huge success if Abby put in the work with her. 

However, drama was not far off when Holly was not put at the top of the pyramid and Holly aired her frustrations to Abby. She claimed that whenever Maddie won a group number, she was at the top of the pyramid. 

As you all know, Abby does not like being put on the spot and revealed she did not give a damn about what Holly felt. 

Sometime later, Abby revealed that the groups would be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona. She also let slip that she would be pitting Elliana and Lilliana against each other. 

The group number was revealed to center on the girls being gravediggers. Only Brynn, Kalani, Nia, Camryn and Kendall were to perform. 

Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms Season 6 Finale

Jamie was concerned about Maesi being left out of the performance, but Abby did not give a damn about her feelings. 

"If they wanna be up on that stage at Nationals, it's my way or the highway," Abby explains.

In order to prepare for the performance, Abby took the girls on a trip to the cemetery in order to help them understand just how grueling the job of a gravedigger is. 

While this was underway, the moms were contemplating who should be the one to lead the team. 

Yolanda then went to pick an argument with Abby because she felt like she was not working on Elliana's solo as much as she could be and felt Abby was setting her daughter up to fail. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

The other moms questioned whether Elliana ever got enough rehearsal time because her mother and Abby were always arguing with each other. 

Brynn being given some sort of special choreography paved the way for the mothers to argue that she was being forced into the role and that there were other girls who deserved it more. Will these moms ever just enjoy the dancing?

As we got to the performances, the mothers argued that Yolanda was trying to take the spotlight away from her daughter. Yes, she dressed as Charlie Chaplin. 

It was one of the most bizarre scenes in the history of the series. Elliana struggled, coming in fifth place, but Lilliana managed to eke out a win. 

Additionally, the group number came out on top, so the team has won their third competition in a row. 

Abby congratulated Lilliana, prompting Elliana to make a tearful apology to Abby. Yolanda was annoyed and stormed out of the competition. 

Will she return?

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