Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Was Maesi Cut From the Team?

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Was Abby still making it her mission to remove the underperforming girls from the ALDC?

On Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 7, it was clear that she was going to do her best to get the ALDC back to its glory days, but she also went a bit too far and it put a great strain on the team. 

Abby revealed that the pyramid from top to bottom was Camryn, Maesi, Brynn, Lilliana, Kendall, Elliana, Kalani and Nia. Abby also revealed that she and the team would be traveling to Fresno, California for the next competition. 

There was an immediate sense of dread when Abby revealed to her girls that they would be going to Fresno because they have always had issues with winning there in the past. Abby wants this to change when they go this time. 

Abby revealed that there would be three duets this time round, with Brynn joining forces with Camryn, Kendall and Kalani pairing up and Elliana and Maesi being a team of two. 

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As you probably recall if you watch Dance Moms online, Yolanda and Maesi have been enemies ever since they met up and it was clear they were not going to put their differences aside just because their daughters were working together. 

When Abby revealed the group number, there was a great deal of controversy. That controversy seemed to stem from the fact that Abby was making the number an inspiration from the movie The Help. 

Holly was quick to point out that Nia and Camryn would be typecast in their roles because they were both African American. When she spoke up to Abby about the whole thing, Abby seemed to brush it off. We all know that Abby does not like to be told what to do under any circumstances. 

Abby brought in Daviana to join in the group number. If you recall, she was cut from the team recently. Now, what's the point of firing out the pink slips if Abby is just going to keep bringing them back weeks later?

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

It seems like a pointless tactic to drum up the suspense. The reason? Abby wanted know whether she made the right decision by cutting Daviana in the first place. 

Meanwhile, Jill stepped in with her two cents about the casting issues and then said something about no one liking being cast as snobby socialites. Is she for real?

When some of the other moms questioned whether racism was still a big thing, Holly put them in their place and revealed that people are still struggling with it in this day and age. 

Later, Abby was pissed that Jamie and Maesi were continuing to argue and revealed that their arguments could be putting their chance of winning in jeopardy. Yolanda got annoyed because Jamie was letting Maesi dance in the competition. 

Abby Lee Miller Laying Down The Law

Abby was the one to tell the girls what to do do, so it's blatantly obvious that Yolanda is just worried Elliana gets the pink slip. When it came to Fresno, there was a lot of drama between the pair. 

Yolanda tried her best to get rid of Maesi by saying that Jamie was laughing about Abby being incarcerated. Abby was stunned and stormed out of the room. She then cut the duet between Maesi and Elliana. 

When Jamie tried to get some details from Abby, she holds up scissors and says, "Back off, bitch."

The other moms are done with Yolanda causing drama for everyone and make their feelings known to her.

The Horror

Brynn and Camryn then managed to eke out a win over Kendall and Kalani. 

Abby then revealed that Daviana would not be sticking around in the team and the mothers worried about nationals. 

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