Counting On Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Is Jessa Duggar Having Twins?!

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How many babies are Ben and Jessa Seewald expecting?

Last night, Counting On Season 3 Episode 2 finally answered that burning question among card carrying members of Duggar Nation.

Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon and Baby Bump

If you watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online, you know that twins run in her family. Jessa's mom Michelle Duggar had two pair, in fact.

It's also no secret that Jessa and Ben Seewald love hyping up their pregnancy reveals, so this storyline was part for the course.

They attempted, with the assistance of Jill, to find out if it's twins. Jill asked, “Well Jess, do you want to listen to your little baby’s heartbeat?”

Jill, who’s trained as a midwife, admitted that she gets some enjoyment out of this as well: “It’s fun to get my hands on her belly.”

Jessa couldn’t help but smile widely.

“I haven’t really been showing so it’s nice to know there’s a baby in there,” the 18-weeks-pregnant TLC star laughed. “I’m not just sick!”

“Not having an ultrasound, we don’t know if it’s twins,” Jessa added. “We think it’s one, [but] you never know” until you know.

Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon Seewald

Twins or not, “this pregnancy has been different than my first pregnancy in many ways,” Jessa opened up during a confessional interview.

“I’ve had way more food aversions and certain things like coffee, chicken, popcorn, random things - we couldn’t even have them in the house."

"I didn’t have that with Spurgeon.”

“Ben and I both feel like it’s a boy,” she adds. “I don’t know why. When we found out we were expecting, we both just thought it was a boy!”

Boy or girl, twins or not, the latest Duggar is scheduled to arrive next month, and the couple is over the moon about the new arrival.

And likely the fact that they just milked material for almost an entire episode of their reality show without making any significant reveals.

That takes talent, people.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

If we've learned anything watching the Duggars over the years, it's that they love pickles as much as they hate full-frontal hard core hugging.

A LOT, to say the absolute least.

Fittingly, then, Jinger Duggar made plans to have a "relish bar" (i.e. trays of pickles) on her wedding day, when the side hugs cease!

With an expected 1,200 guests, that means an a-- ton of pickles, cheese, crackers, meatballs, coffee and more to serve the people.

Showing her sense of humor, Jinger pranked Jeremy on FaceTime, saying she was going to sing to him while they lit their unity candle.

Jeremy paused awkwardly before Jinger and her sisters broke down and revealed that they'd pulled one over on the pastor from Texas.

We would pay to see that.

Ben and Jessa, when they're not having kids and talking about whether or not it's twins, are friends with Christian hip-hop artist Flame.

Laugh if you want, but Flame has built up a nice following.

The friendship Ben and Jessa have with the rapper and his wife may also be why Seewald has developed a reputation for being "woke." 

"I'm probably not going to have a career in music," Ben admitted, having tried his hand in the studio at one point. "At least, not rapping."

"Personally, I think Ben is pretty good at spittin' some bars," Jessa said, with a degree of sarcasm and massive amounts of street cred.

Lack of talent aside, that doesn't mean they can't be fans, though, and Ben, Jessa and Spurge decided to go see Flame perform live.

Don't worry, Spurge had noise-canceling headphones.

Evidently, soaking the front rows with water is a staple of Flame's concerts, and Ben got to do the fun honors with a giant water gun.

He was a little nervous about going out there, but just like a lot of situations in life, the only way to conquer that fear is to do it head on.

"Don't fall off the stage," Jessa advised her husband.

Just "don’t trip over any of the cables ... go for it." 

Words to live by when spraying a sweaty crowd.

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