Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Who Made Final Four?

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Is there ever a dull moment on Celebrity Apprentice?

The final four were revealed on the latest episode of the NBC series, but who made the cut?

The New Celebrity Apprentice Cast

When the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice got underway, Team Arete and Team Prima made their way to the Staples Center to find out what their next task would be. 

Their first task was to make a promotional campaign for the Clipper brand. Team Arete decided it would be best to use Steve's own words to win their way to the top. 

Over on Team Prima, Boy George was tasked with writing his own song for the campaign.

While both teams were making waves with their campaign, the merchandising proved to be quite the challenge. 

Steve found that Team Arete's overall campaign was going to work out pretty well, but Patrick found that Team Prima were setting themselves up for failure. 

Seriously, these episodes have been better than the Donald Trump edition. 

Who would have thought that would be possible?

D. Trump in NYC

Surprisingly, Team Prima and Lisa got $75,000 for her charity. Team Arete were debating about who should be sent home, but they were all shocked to the core when Ricky was terminated. 

Everybody else seemed to think it would be Laila who would be let go because of her lack of participating. 

For the second competition of the night, the winner of the previous season, Leeza Gibbons, showed up as an advisor. 

The task was to sell new gym equipment through QVC.  

The teams were told they would be presented with four pieces of equipment and must choose one to sell. 

Schwarzenegger Smiles

They would also set the price for their item and create a pitch for their eight minute QVC slot. 

Carson Kressley wound up as project manager for Team Prima.

The team opted to use Boy George's story about weight loss as the front story and set a price of $99.99. 

That may seem like a cheap price, but did it help them get more customers?

Over on Team Arete, Brooke took the top spot and chose to sell the item on QVC for $109.99, which was surprising. It seemed like they were going to go a bit too high. 

Patrick and Leeza felt like Boy George's story would increase sales, but Team Arete kind of floundered. 

However, Laila managed to boost the sales with the way she acted on QVC. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Boss

In the boardroom, it was revealed that Team Prima sold just 88 products, while Team Arete sold 156.

Prima was slammed because they did not have Lisa in front of the camera. 

After much deliberating, Arnold terminated both Carson and Lisa.

It was definitely Lisa's time to go. Being in the boardroom five times, you would think she would have found a way to make better decisions on the tasks. 

It was almost like she wanted to just float along to the final, but that's not how it works. 

Brooke Burke-Charvet Photo

The remaining contestants include Brooke Burke-Chavet, Matt Iseman, Boy George and Laila Ali.

Who will win the title of Celebrity Apprentice?

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