Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt: You're Scared of the TRUTH!

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Over the past few months, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not said a single negative thing about each other in public.

But that doesn't mean all is smooth and well and cooperative in their ongoing divorce battle.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Just prior to Christmas, for example, Pitt's attorney filed a motion with a judge that asked for all documents related to the couple's custody fight to be sealed.

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Through his lawyer, Pitt argued that Jolie had been disregarding their six children's "privacy rights when she believes it may benefit her."

He added at the time that Jolie "exposed the children by making public the names of their therapist and other mental health professionals."

In other words:

Pitt thinks Jolie has no problem exploiting her kids when it serves her cause; whether that cause is professional or whether that cause is personal.

In this instance, it's very safe to assume that Pitt is referring to the rumors that he physically assaulted his 15-year old son Maddox on board a private airplane in mid-September.

Jolie filed for divorce just four days after this alleged incident, although an investigation cleared Pitt of all abuse charges.

In the aforementioned court filing, Pitt also said that Jolie "apparently has no self-regulation mechanism to preclude sensitive information from being placed in the public record."

And now Angelina has fired back at her estranged husband.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Happier Times Photo

While the actress has agreed to keep all custody documents sealed, she angrily disputes Pitt's assertion that she freely publicized sensitive information.

In her own new legal papers, Jolie says that Pitt he only made such accusations because he’s “terrified that the public will learn the truth."

Again, speaking through her attorney, Jolie charges the following:

"There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse."

Whoa there!

Jolie is basically coming out here and saying that something very ugly did, indeed, take place between Pitt and Maddox on board that private jet.

The FBI and the Department of Children and Family Services both looked into allegations that Pitt assaulted his teenage child - and both determined that there was no reason to pursue the case any further.

But still.

There's little doubt that Pitt acted inappropriately around Maddox on this infamous flight.

Perhaps he just got drunk and yelled, loudly and often, at his son.

But whatever went down, multiple insiders have confirmed that Maddox has no interest in seeing his father any time soon.

While Pitt did spend time with most of his children around Christmas (much to Jolie's extreme chagrin), it's unclear whether or not Maddox was present.

"While his behavior didn’t amount to anything criminal, that doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong,” a source tells People Magazine of Pitt, adding:

“The kids are traumatized.

"The mom has been protecting the kids by not revealing what really happened on that plane. Her interest since the outset hasn’t changed: to protect the health and safety of the kids.”

This was likely a Jolie source, of course.

In the end, both parties agree at least that the details of their custody battle ought to be kept private.

Which is a positive step. Let's remember that there are six kids at the center of this divorce.

And let's also try to remember that Angelina and Brad really were happy together at one point.

It just seems like a very long time ago now.

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