Angelina Jolie Regretting Divorce; Brad Pitt Happier Than Ever, Sources Claim

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If you watched the 2017 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, you may have jolted out of your gentle dozing by the two memorable moments contained within the 3-hour snoozefest.

First, there was Meryl Streep's bashing of Donald Trump, which made the rest of the film industry circle jerk worthwhile by itself.

Then, toward the end of the night, screen icon who's been famous since before Mark Zuckerberg was potty-trained proved that he's still able to shock:

Yes, Brad Pitt came on stage to represent the cast of Moonlight - a wildly acclaimed film with an all-black cast.

(And Tom Hiddleston is the one being accused of white saviorism!)

But it wasn't Brad's baffling tone-deafness that brought the crowd to its feet (we hope).

Rather, it was the fact that he ... got divorced last year? Doesn't make quite as many public appearances as he used to?

We're not really sure, but Brad received a standing ovation that probably had as much to do with a collective desire to flip the bird to Angelina Jolie as it did with celebrating Brad.

Brad Pitt at the Globes

But if the latest report from OK! magazine is to be believed (ginormous if), the assembled glitterati may have been guilty of kicking Angie when she's down.

A source tells the tabloid that Jolie has been struggling mightily in the months since she and Brad called it quits.

“She didn’t always acknowledge it, but Brad was a huge help -- breaking up fights, reading to the little ones. He used to cook for them too,” says an anonymous insider.

“Now that she has to do everything, she’s overwhelmed and anxious all the time. Between that and the stress of strategizing this divorce, she’s barely sleeping and not eating.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: A Photo

Pitt, meanwhile, is predictably slaying the single life (and probably an unimaginable quantity of vaginas, as well):

“He lost a bunch of weight,” a source tells Us Weekly.

“He’s focusing on himself again, watching what he eats and has a chef making him healthy meals.” 

Erm ... he didn't have a chef making healthy meals when he had six kids in the house?

Anyway, we suppose it's not surprising that single parenting is more of a burden on Angelina than it is on Brad.

Of course, she's not really helping her case by limiting Pitt to supervised visits with the kids.

But no matter which newly-single bajillionaire you side with, remember that with their kind of cash and clout parenting - like everything else in life - is much easier for them that it will ever be for the rest of us.

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