Tiger Woods Poses as Shirtless Santa, Internet Loses Its Mind

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Tiger Woods used to be a monster on the golf course.

And dozens of moderately-attractive cocktail waitresses across the country has claimed that Tiger Woods is a monster in the bedroom.

But a new Twitter photo proves that Tiger Woods is really just a softie at heart. At least when it comes to his children.

Tiger Woods Swings

On Thursday, Woods took the Internet by shocking storm when he posted a snapshot of himself in sunglasses.

And a white wig.

And a black baseball cap.

While not wearing a shirt of any kind.

The iconic athlete, who is allegedly now dating someone named Kristin Smith (below) also appears to have dyed his goatee white.

Why did he do such a thing?

Tiger Woods Shirtless

“Xmas tradition that my kids love. Mac Daddy Santa is back! - TW,” Woods wrote as a caption to the epic image posted above.

Yes: Mac Daddy Santa.

And we wonder why Woods' fellow golfers are no longer intimidated by him on the course.

As you might expect, Tiger's followers were left entertained and baffled by the picture.

One person on Twitter joked, “Me: Could 2016 get any worse? Tiger Woods: hold my shirt,” while another added:

“All I want for Christmas is to unsee that Tiger Woods picture.”

Smiling Tiger Woods

Others wondered whether the formerly private champion - who used to revel in his calm, cool and serious demeanor - actually intended to release the photo for all to see.

“I feel like this wasn’t intended for public consumption,” a Twitter user stated.

Woods is the father of a nine-year old daughter named Sam and a seven-year old son named Charlie.

He split from their mother, Elin Nordegren, after the two got into a legendary fight in late 2009 over Tiger's excessive infidelity.

It eventually came out that he slept with Rachel Uchitel and countless other women (see the full gallery below) while married, a stunning revelation for someone who seemed SO focused on his golf game.

And also a stunning revelation because... have you seen any Elin Nordegren photos? Not exactly upgrading with some of his waitresses.

Just saying.

It may have taken a long time to reach this point, but Tiger has pieced his personal life back together and seems like he's in a great place.

In an October interview with Stephen Colbert, Woods said that he and Nordegren are now happily co-parenting their two kids.

Woods explained of his ex-wife recently:

“She’s been one of my best friends, and I’ve talked to her about so many different things, and she does the same thing with me back and forth.” 

“We communicate so much better now," Tiger added.

"It’s incredible. I wish we would have done that earlier on," he acknowledges, "but it’s been incredible to have a best friend like that.”

One has to help but wonder, given that kind of praise, if he ever looks back on what mind have been with the mother of his children.

Nope, Woods doesn't regret his cheating, he says.

But will he come to regret this shirtless Santa pic?

And is he really dating Smith (below)?!

That's the question, folks.

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