Taylor Swift Shocks 96-Year Old Vet, Is So Totally Awesome

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Sorry, Lorde.

Move over, Selena Gomez.

Take a seat, Karlie Kloss.

Taylor Swift has a new best friend. And we have a new reason to absolutely adore Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift: Special Selfie

You can go ahead and focus on how she and Tom Hiddleston made for the worst celebrity couple of 2016.

Or you can choose to dislike Swift for her major feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, seeing her as fake and disingenuous simply because she may have misled the public a little bit over knowledge of a song lyric.

That's your choice, to be cynical.

We're going to choose to celebrate Swift's unparalleled kindness instead.

It was on display yet against this week, as Swift surprised one of her biggest fans with a special holiday appearance and personal concert.

She stopped by the Missouri home of Cyrus Porter, a 96-year old World War II veteran who has attended numerous Taylor Swift shows, driving to St. Louis and Memphis simply to see her in musical action.

Porter has been diagnosed with cancer and hadn't been sure if he'd be able to see another Swift concert in 2017.

So when Taylor learned of this story and this fan, she made it her mission to pay Porter a visit.

A Taylor Swift Surprise

While at Porter's home, Swift posted for photos with over 60 family members, thrilling those who simply could not believe their eyes or their ears.

(Yes, their ears. Swift even played "Shake It Off" for everyone on hand.)

"Taking selfies, holding babies, hugging grandpas and leaving lipstick marks. Taylor Swift does it all. Awsome day for my Popo!!" wrote one of Porter's many grandkids on Twitter.

“It’s a Christmas Miracle!” this same grandson captioned a selfie of him, Swift and the man of honor. “Thank you @taylorswift13. My grandpa was so excited!!”

At one point, Porter appeared to take Swift through some of his World War II memorabilia.

She then grabbed her acoustic guitar and ensured that Porter would not need to drive a single mile (heck, a single foot) to attend his next Taylor Swift concert.

Taylor Swift and New Pals

On Christmas even, Swift posed for a series of photos with model Lily Aldridge and her childhood best friend Abigail Anderson, as the three pals celebrated the holidays with kisses by the Christmas tree.

She had previously spent Thanksgiving on the beach with Lily Donaldson, Martha Hunt, Todrick Hall and others.

And we all know about her famous July Fourth parties.

The singer loves to spend the holidays with friends, but she also loves to be there for her most special fans.

Just look at how excited Taylor is and everyone else is in these fun photos!

Taylor Swift and a Vet

So you can keep choosing to hate on Swift for petty reasons.

You can care that she acts overly surprised every time she wins an award or that she has a habit of flaunting her relationships.

We're going to think instead about a 96-year old U.S. war hero who had his hopes and dreams made into stunning, amazing reality by Swift this holiday season.

And we're also going to recount these many other reasons why we adore Taylor Swift. You have fun being all negative over there!

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