Nathan Griffith Jessica Henry Made My Penis Bleed!

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It's been a rough holiday season for former Teen Mom star and noted colossal d-bag Nathan Griffith.

In case you're unaware or just blocked his existence from your memory, Nathan is Jenelle Evans' second baby daddy.

Despite the fact that these two were perfect for each other (in that they're both perfectly awful) the relationship didn't last, and Nate quickly found himself a new victim.

Nathan Griffith Shirtless

Griffith began dating Jessica Henry last year, and though Jessica was assaulted by Jenelle (who threw a freakin' mason jar at her head!) early in the relationship, she stood by her man - which proved to be a massive mistake.

Last week, Griffith was arrested for assaulting Henry, and this time, he may be facing jail time.

(It's not the first time he's been taken into custody after one of their blowout fights.)

Not surprisingly, the online Teen Mom fan community has been highly critical of Nathan.

And not surprisingly, he's fighting back in the fashion that made him a match for Jenelle's raging temper.

Nathan Griffith: Another Mugshot

It all started when Nathan's brother Noah (who also goes by Zach, for reasons that remain unclear) took to social media to defend his brother's honor by claiming that Jessica totally started it.

When Noah/Zach finished, Nathan picked up the argument himself:

"Like you said though there is so much more," Nathan replied to his brother's comment.

"Like the numerous times she has assaulted me and kicked me in the privates and caused my penis to bleed because we were on a run and I thought she was following me and she said I didn’t look back to make sure she was ok before crossing."

Did you think he would stop with the bleeding peen claims? Then you don't know Nate:

Nathan Griffith and His Girlfriend, Jessica Henry

"Or the time she beat the living heck out of me because I told her I was hanging out with Mariah again after we split for the hundredth time and asking her if she was done punching me in the face.

"(She actually almost knocked me out which I was quite impressed, which I said the same thing to her when She was done)."

Griffith went on to write:

"I just want the truth to be spoken because she’s been manipulating our relationship and ruining my reputation worse than Jenelle even did."

He concluded:

"I know I’m an idiotic brother and it sucks because I really did love Jessi with all my heart and she’s the only girl that I would’ve gotten married to but I know it wasn’t a healthy relationship.

"I’m still depressed as heck but life moves on and no one is going to stop and feel pity for me."

So ... wait? Does he want us to feel pity for him?

Because we don't, Nathan. We really really don't.

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