Nathan Griffith: I Got Arrested Because My Girlfriend Flirted With a Fat Guy!

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Nathan Griffith has never been known as a terribly level-headed or rational guy.

After all, he once got engaged to Jenelle Evans, which is the most irrational thing a human being can do.

Unfortunately, Nathan didn't turn his life around after his relationship with Jenelle exploded.

Nathan Griffith and His Girlfriend, Jessica Henry

In fact, his emotional instability seems to have worsened in the time since he parted ways with the Carolina Hurricane.

Griffith was arrested for domestic abuse last week, after allegedly choking his girlfriend, Jessica Henry, during an argument in her apartment.

Shockingly, this isn't the first time that Griffith's been accused of assaulting Henry.

Almost as shocking is the fact that Griffith was arrested twice last week, the second time on an unrelated drunk driving charge.

Nathan Griffith: Another Mugshot

In a new interview with Real Mr. Housewife, Griffith opens up about the night he allegedly assaulted Henry, insisting, of course, that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

"I don’t know if she was drunk or what, but I felt she was sitting a little bit too close to this guy. I took pictures- the picture was of the guy with his legs spread and her chair in between his crotch- and sent it to her. She said I was acting ridiculous.

"I knew this guy was no threat, as he was overweight and disgusting, but still it was inappropriate and she looked too comfortable.

Nathan Griffith Mugshot

"When I sent her the picture, I said, “that doesn’t look appropriate, can you back off?”

Griffith says he then followed Henry to her house to continue the argument, because that always goes well.

Shortly thereafter he found himself in a police car, reflecting on his mother's prescient advice.

Griffith says his mom warned him that Henry was up to no good, and cautioned both of them to keep their distance from one another.

Nathan Griffith in a Tree

“I like you Jessie, but I think right now you have ill intentions for Nathan,” Nathan recalls his mother telling Jessica.

“All it takes is one argument and you’re going to set him up. I don’t feel safe for him up at your house at all.”

To be fair, it's easy to set someone up when they're actually guilty of the thing of which you're accusing them.

Henry, of course, probably rues the day that she got involved with Griffith and, by extension, his crazy baby mama.

Henry was assaulted by Jenelle last year, which brings the total number of times she was attacked by one of these nutjobs to an astonishing three.

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