Mykelti Brown Marries Tony Padron: See the Pics!

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Turns out Kody Brown is good at sticking to deals. 

Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron are married! If you watch Sister Wives online, you'll have noticed that Mykelti and Tony have been trying to get Kody to agree to a wedding date for them. 

Mykelti Brown & Antonio Padron are Married!

The couple married on Saturday, December 17 and we have some pictures of the nuptials to show that it really happened. 

The pair also recorded a video in which they spoke about how it felt to finally be married. 

“We’re married!” The couple revealed at the beginning of the video. 

Mykelti then got talking about her thoughts on being married. 

Kody & Christine Brown Celebrate Mykelti's Wedding

“It feels incredible to finally be married to him,” Mykelti gushes. “It’s taken forever and I’m really, really happy.”

“It was about time,” Tony adds. “When I said ‘I do’ it felt great! Like the commitment was finally made.”

“I felt, I don’t know, complete,” Mykelti reflects on saying “I do.” Of course, it was more than just “I do” as the bride and groom wrote their own vows.

“It took me about 20 minutes to get my vows done, just because I already knew what I was committing to him, and so it was really easy just to put it in words,” Mykelti says.

Maddie Brown Is Getting Married

The pair make a cute couple and you can see just how much they love each other based on the way they are acting. 

On the show, Mykelti's family have been skeptical of the relationship because the pair seem to be rushing into things.

A Sister Wives Pic

Well, it seems like they are now proving everyone wrong since they're married. 

The couple opted for a Mexican-themed ceremony. We're sure it will be covered extensively in future episodes of the hit TLC series.

Mykelti Brown and Antonio "Tony" Padron

Maddie's wedding to Caleb has been the focal point of the most recent season, so it would make sense for the same to happen with Mykelti and Antonio. 

The show really does like to show off all of these moments between the family, but we don't know who officiated the wedding yet. 

Maybe Kody did, but did he remember all of the vows this time? We have absolutely no idea. 

What do you think about the marriage? 

Sound off below. 

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