Love & Hip Hop Recap: Let's Get it Poppin'!

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Ready to get it poppin' and then some in NYC?

VH1 aired a double shot of its flagship series this week, with Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 4 and Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 5.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you probably already know that the drama has been crazy the past few weeks, but did it slow down tonight?

Not at all. 

We kicked things off with Judy bringing Yandy up to speed about her meeting with Kim, Ericka and Samantha and of course, the heart attack incident. 

The pair then debated whether Kim really had a heart attack, or if she just wanted out of the toxic situation.

Judy then let Yandy know she wanted her to attend little Mendeeces graduation, but Yandy was conflicted because she didn't want in on the baby momma drama. 

She has a point. All these ladies seem to want to fight with each other. It's pathetic and Yandy should probably just steer clear, but did she do so? 

More on that in a little, you guys. 

Swift and Cardi continue to flirt like hell in the studio, but Cardi got a shock while using his phone when a whole bunch of texts came through from someone named "wifey".

It was at that moment Swift came clean that he had a girlfriend in London. 

Cardi did not take it well and basically said she could be a bitch and take her him from her. Yeah, that's how full of herself Cardi is. 

Elsewhere, Self met up with Mariah Lynn to try and get her signed to his entertainment label.

As expected, Mariah was reluctant after all of the drama with Ski, Bianca and Drewski's record label.

Self made it clear that she would be top priority if she was on his label and she was clearly interested. 

Discussing Relationships on Love & Hip Hop

If you thought the drama with Snoop and J was over, then you were most certainly wrong.

Snoop met up with the chick she was flirting with, with the intention of dropping her. 

Instead, she sent her to Jules, therefore not dropping her. What will J have to say about this one?

At the graduation party, Samantha and Ericka wasted no time in putting Yandy in her place. 

“You act like you raised my son,” Samantha screeched.

 Yandy tells Samantha “I lived with Mendecees and Little Mendecees lived with us.”  

Tensions Are Falring on Love & Hip Hop!

Yandy gets set to leave the room as the insults continue to flow. 

If that was not enough drama, J hunted down Sophie Green to get to the bottom of the podcast incident.

In the end, it was just the pair staring down at each other and J threatening Sophie to back off.  

It was so pathetic, but J did not want anyone near her woman.

Love & Hip Hop Photo

When J went to Snoop to confront her again, she put her on a 30-day probation period. 

This did not go down well, with Snoop getting upset about it and contemplated ending the relationship. 

Finally, Cardi B told Asia she was going to steal Swift from her and Asia told her she was welcome to him. 

There is never a dull episode of this show.

What did you think of the drama?

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