Kanye West: Defying Doctors & Driving Kim Kardashian Away?

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Last month, Kanye West was hospitalized following an emotional breakdown that resulted in at least one 911 call.

The rapper received nearly two weeks of in-patient treatment at the UCLA Medical Center, and while he has since been released, he remains under 24-hour medical supervision.

Sources say Kanye is getting better by the day, but he reportedly continues to suffer setbacks, in large part because he frequently defies doctor's orders.

Kimye on a Date

“Everyone in the family is still very worried about Kanye, but he will not listen to anyone because Kanye thinks he knows it all," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

The insider adds that West's refusal to slow down and make his recovery his top priority has left his family and medical staff deeply concerned about the possibility of a relapse.

Of particular concern is Kanye's decision to bury himself in his work rather than confront his problems:

“He has just become even more withdrawn and, instead of getting rest and relaxation, he is at his studio working 24/7," the source claims.

Kanye West, Out to Lunch

It seems part of the problem is that Kanye and Kim Kardashian are living in separate homes for the safety of their children.

(The severity of West's condition has not been conclusively determined.)

The forced estrangement is reportedly taking a considerable toll on Kanye and making it even more difficult for him to focus on his mental health.

“Kanye has spent very little time at home with Kim and the kids, which is why they have stayed at Kris’s house several times after Kanye had his breakdown,” says the source.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Share a Secret

Insiders claim that the reports about Kim and Kanye getting divorced are bogus, and insist that they're only living under separate roofs out of an abundance of caution.

It seems the couple is currently stuck in a sort of catch-22 situation:

Kim's absence is exacerbating Kanye's condition, but he can't live with his wife and children again until he's well enough that he won't be putting them at risk.

We'll have further information on this story as more information becomes available.

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