Josh Murray & Amanda Stanton: It's Over!

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Ever since Bachelor in Paradise couple Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged back in August, rumors have been circulating that the couple would never make it to the altar.

Rumors of a breakup were often followed by half-hearted confirmations that Amanda and Josh are "still together."

Insiders never seemed to add "and they're still planning to get married."

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton: Engaged!

So it's not all that surprising that multiple outlets are not reporting that Josh and Amanda have called it quits.

"They are broken up,” the website Reality Steve reported on Tuesday.

“They just haven’t gone public with it yet because, my guess is, they’re trying to figure out the best time to do it.”

Wow. You almost have to admire how delusional these two are.

Amanda Stanton on BiP

Like, it's a bummer that they're breaking up, but we're pretty sure they don't need to plan a press conference like they're Brangelina or something.

Anyway, details about what caused the split are scarce at the moment.

Insiders say Amanda was the one who ended the engagement and that Josh is currently staying in a nearby hotel.

He had previously been living in an apartment with Amanda and her two children from a previous marriage.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Pic

Fans of the franchise will likely rejoice at the news, as many were concerned about Josh's fitness as a husband and stepfather from the start.

In addition to his frequent douchiness on camera, Josh's breakup with Andi Dorfman prompted an unflattering portrayal in her recent memoir.

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Reality Steve is basically the authority on all things Bachelor/Bachelorette, and his insider knowledge has such that he's known for posting spot-on spoilers.

He points out that tabloids have been reporting that Josh and Amanda have called it quits for months, but he waited until he was certain to publish any breakup news of his own.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Kiss!

He adds that the split wasn't caused by a "one-time event" and that the couple has been struggling for months.

Even so, you can expect tabloid reports that Josh was caught cheating.

They're easy to believe, for the simple reason that Josh is kind of a d-bag.

Watch Bachelor in Paradise online to remind yourself of why Josh wasn't exactly a fan favorite.

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