Javi Marroquin, Cassie Bucka Get Serious: Kailyn Lowry Moves on With New Man?!

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Javi Marroquin and Cassie Bucka are relationship goals, right? 

Well, relationship goals when you're affiliated with a little show called Teen Mom 2, at any rate. 

Apparently, Javi and Cassie are getting so close that they can barely spend a minute -- or a city ... or state ... or continent -- apart. 

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As it sounds like Javi and Kailyn have no plans on spending the holiday season together with their child, Javi's got big plans. 

"I have to look at our custody agreement and see when I get Lincoln," the always-quotable Javi told Radar Online.

"But I’ll be going to Pennsylvania to spend it with my family whenever I have Lincoln."

As for Kailyn's other child, Isaac, fathered by ex Jo Rivera, Marroquin said, "I’ll coordinate with Kail to be able to see Isaac to give him his present."

Pretty great of Javi to be such a consistent presence in Isaac's life, right?

Javi Marroquin Looking Very Cozy With Rumored Girlfriend Cassie Bucka Photo

Unfortunately, Javi's new girlfriend is over in Japan for the holidays. 

This past weekend, Marroquin celebrated his 24th birthday in his home state of Pennsylvania, but Cassie Bucka was absent. 

About his holiday travel plans - and meeting up with his new girlfriend - Marroquin tweeted, "2017 is already looking great. Miami next month."

"Japan after that. Disney in the summer!" 

Some of his Twitter followers seemed to be under the impression, however, that things were moving way too fast between him and Cassie.  

Do they have a point?

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One fan wrote, "@KailLowry is it me? Or does @Javimarroquin9 seem very serious with someone he has allegedly been involved with just three weeks?"

Javi, of course, clapped back.

With his trademark attitude, he said: "Do you not have a job?! Damn it's Monday, go get some coffee be happy with your own life and stop worrying about mine." 

There's really no arguing with that. 

For her part, Kailyn seems to be going the passive aggressive route - no surprise if you follow her or watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Javi Marroquin and Possible New Girlfriend Cassie Bucka Photo

One of her Twitter followers sent along a meme that read:

"Boys in the club saying these hoes ain't loyal, but they drunk and cheating on their GF with a girl who look like Rafiki from Lion King."  

Naturally, Kailyn retweeted that dig at the father of her second child with several cry-laugh emojis and responded, "Basically." 

If that's the case, though, Lowry might be better off keeping her negative thoughts about her former spouse on the down low.

If we're to take what she said on Twitter on Monday, it sounds like she might be keeping some male company herself. 

Kailyn Lowry Looking at Her Phone Photo

She wrote, talking about doing laundry:

"I thought when you get a man all their sweatpants & hoodies automatically become yours? No? Is that not how this works?" 

Is that the Teen Mom way of announcing that you've got a man, girl? Or is she lamenting that Javi took his own when he moved out?

Does Kailyn Lowry have a new boyfriend that she's keeping quiet about? Is Javi moving far too quickly with the new love in his life?

Where's this all going?! Discuss!

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