Drake and Jennifer Lopez: Is It Official?!

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Great news, everybody! You know that whole thing about Drake possibly hooking up with Jennifer Lopez?

It looks like it might not have been just an impossible dream after all!

And that's because -- brace your tender, Drake-loving hearts -- both of these crazy kids shared this precious photo early this morning:

Drake and Jennifer Lopez Cuddling

So they're looking awfully cozy, right?

After all, you don't just lovingly cradle someone a couple days after Christmas if you're "just friends" or "just working together," you know?

In this strange time, this week between Christmas and New Years, you're not going to be all cuddled up with someone unless they're a big part of your life.

Let's just be real about that.

But this adorable little photo isn't the only piece of evidence that things may be really heating up for Drizzy and J Lo here.

No, it turns out that, over the weekend, Rihanna actually took the time to unfollow Jennifer on Instagram.

Oh, the shade of it all!

Rihanna Instagram Selfie

It's interesting because Rihanna, of course, was with Drake for a pretty long while by celebrity standards. And judging by the way Drake talked about her, they were pretty serious.

It's also worth noting that, in the past, Rihanna and Jennifer have been very friendly. Rihanna once even sent Jen a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes she'd designed as a gift.

So for Rihanna to unfollow Jennifer, especially when she should have been full of holiday cheer and all that, is pretty telling.

Another fascinating little tidbit is that Jennifer was scheduled to perform at a nightclub in Miami on New Years Eve, but she's canceled the gig.

Why? Her rep explained that she needed some "personal and family time" after such a busy year.

Jennifer Lopez is Hot

But a source told Page Six that Drake "will be in Vegas and she wants to hang out with him" so they can ring in the new year together.

It's all just so exciting, isn't it?

It's barely been a week since the rumors began after Drake attended J Lo's Vegas show twice in one week.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez

He also rented out an entire restaurant in Hollywood for her, and though the word still seems to be that they're just making sweet music together, it just seems obvious that there's something more going on.

Long live Drennifer (we'll work on it)!

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