Drake and Jennifer Lopez Cuddle Up at "Prom," Confirm Romance

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We're pretty sure it's official:

Drennifer is prepared to take 2017 by storm.

Just over a week since rumors of a romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez went viral, shocking the Internet, new photos of the stars together have essentially confirmed this unexpected relationship.

The two are totally banging.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez at the Prom

A few days after Christmas, Drake and J. Lo cuddled up on a couch, the former dipping his head into the latter's hair... the latter settling into the former's lap... and both entangling their arms around each other.

Not much had to be said about the following picture in order for social media followers to get the idea.

As we said above: Totally. Banging.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez Cuddling

In case it wasn't obvious enough, however, the artists a winter-themed "prom" on Thursday night during which E! News and Us Weekly confirm they were crowned king and queen.

Because d'uh. Who would stand a chance against Drake and Jennifer Lopez?!?

Young Empire Music Group CEO Jas Prince shared Snapchats of the stars at the event, posting the first photo shared above and also the one below.

Both, naturally, have fans going bonkers over the new couple.

At one point, witnesses say the rumored tandem's new collaboration also played, prompting Drake and Lopez to playfully dance while people circled around them.

Just like at an actual prom!

J. Lo and Drake

As you can see by these images, Lopez also rocked multiple outfits throughout the special evening.

She kicked off the night with a white, fringe ensemble... only to later change into a silver mini dress.

Drake, on the other hand, opted for a classic black and white suit.

While we were hesitant to believe it at first, J.Lo and Drake originally ignited romance chatter in early December when Drake attended a pair of of Lopez's Las Vegas concerts on consecutive nights.

Not long after that, the rapper hosted "a super intimate dinner" at Delilah in West Hollywood, leaving the meal alongside the Latin superstar.

Adding fuel to these rumors?

Rihanna has stopped following Jennifer Lopez across all social media networks.

She, of course, famously dated Drake for a number of months this year, although sources say she was the one to call off the relationship.

It was also well known (for years, really) that Drake had pined over Rihanna.

So one could almost say that Lopez is Drake's rebound.

Which is just beyond absurd and unfair.

Let us say that again: Jennifer Lopez is someone's rebound... and that someone is Drake!

That just makes us sad.

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