Blac Chyna Sex Tape: In the Works? To Feature Bevy of Girl-on-Girl Action?

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Okay, now it makes sense.

Now we understand why Blac Chyna has been trying to hard to shed so much weight since giving birth last month.

And it has less to do with wanting to earn bucks from diet supplement companies than wanting to writhe around buck naked with lots of other women in a sex tape.

Wait... WHAT?!?

Blac Chyna with Dreadlocks

According to OK! Weekly insiders, a Blac Chyna sex tape may very well be in the works.

Yes, in the works.

We're not referring to any alleged sex tape from Blac Chyna's past, despite rumors of Rob Kardashian threatening to leak a naked video of his fiancee and Tyga any time he and Chyna get into a big fight.

(Editor's Note: We're not entirely certain how this would punish Chyna even if Rob did release it. Wouldn't it make Rob feel more awkward than anyone else?)


We're referring instead to a proposal that is supposedly on the table, one in which Blac Chyna could strike it VERY rich.

Black Chyna throwback pic

"She has a verbal offer of several million on the table if the footage is raunchy enough," claims an insider to OK! Weekly.

Chyna, of course, formerly worked as a stripper.

She brought Rob to the establishment where she used to take off her clothes for money during an episode of Rob & Chyna on E! this summer.

Does this automatically mean Chyna would be open to the making of an amateur porn? Not exactly.

But it must be a little easier for someone who worked in this profession to take the sex tape step than it would be for someone who never worked as a stripper.

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

Right? We're pretty sure that's a reasonable statement to make.

The aforementioned tabloid, meanwhile, hilariously adds that Rob will only be featured in the Blac Chyna sex tape "if he's in decent shape."

Assuming this never comes to fruition? Who might get it on with Chyna for lots of cash and many orgasms?

"If this goes ahead, she'll have multiple lovers, mainly female," says the source, with OK! going on to wonder whether close friend Amber Rose might be up for a nude role in the video.

Rose also worked as a stripper many years ago.

So this is all starting to come together! Pun intended!

It's worth noting that E! recently renewed Rob & Chyna for Season 2.

Chyna is also trying to trademark the name Angela Renee Kardashian in order to make money off that famous moniker, although her attempt to do so is being challenged by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney in court.

If she wins that fight, however, it stands to reason that Chyna would not need to go the sex tape route in order to rake in a great deal of cash.

But if she loses?

If she grows desperate to earn some bank for her two kids?

We can't say for certain what she'll do.

But allow us to pose this simple question:

Would you really be surprised if you read one day that a Blac Chyna sex tape went from being "in the works" to "on the market?"

Neither would we.

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