Anna Faith Carlson: Elsa Look-Alike Model to Sue Website Over Fake Nude Pics!

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Anna Faith Carlson is a Florida model who like a dead ringer for Elsa from Frozen, only less cartoonish and more unbelievably hot.

Not surprisingly, she's become something of an Internet celebrity for these reasons, but that has come with an unfortunate price lately.

Anna Faith Carlson as Elsa

A website known as Celeb Jihad posted a bunch of "before-and-after" nude selfies of her, images which have rankled her online following.

The site claims Anna is showing off a recent boob job.

Scandalously, the images show a topless woman with tan lines, and bandages under her breasts, indicating that it's a post-op shoot.

Of course, it's not actually Anna Faith, she claims.

Her camp can prove this, they say, because the person in the nude pics question is "much heavier than Anna has ever been in her life."

Anna Faith Carlson Pic

Her attorneys say that Anna Faith, who recently celebrated her 21st birthday, is in "great shape with a very small waist."

BURN @ whoever the fake nude impostor is.

Carlson's team also says that there are also differences in the nose, teeth and face that further prove she's not the girl.

Furthermore ... we highly recommend you do not visit Celeb Jihad, but they seem to specialize in terrible Photoshop.

Particularly when it comes to naked celebrity pics and doctored shots that obviously aren't the individuals in question.

No word if their motto is "Crop Heads, Don't Chop Heads." Too soon? Anyway, Anna Faith is not willing to ... wait for it ...

Let it go.

Anna Faith Carlson Bikini Pic

Her camp is threatening to sue if the post isn't deleted, and frankly, she might actually do it, since she has a reputation to maintain.

Carlson's career is no joke; Anna Faith gained notable widespread media coverage in 2014 when she was discovered on Instagram.

The model entertains cancer patients, makes hospital visits, attends charity events, fundraisers, and visits schools in character.

Carlson has also been an extra in several films and has appeared on a multitude of radio stations, TV shows, and magazines.

For two consecutive years, she has been named one of the top ten hottest and most popular cosplayers in the entire world.

Who ranks those things, we have no idea. But they're not wrong.

Anna Faith XOXO

Carlson started to cosplay as characters besides Elsa from other works including Rey from Star Wars and Harley Quinn from Batman.

Anna has also portrayed characters from Harry Potter, Maleficent, Cinderella, and Spider-Man, among others, to widespread acclaim.

Did we mention she is absolutely smoking hot ... as herself?

Check out the gallery below for many more examples of Anna doing her thing if you're not convinced, and join us in asking:

Why make fake nudes of her when the real thing is perfect?!

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