The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 18 Recap: You're a Liar!

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Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice will never be friends again. 

That much was made as clear as day on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 18

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you will already know the two former friends have been at war all season long, with Teresa thinking Jacqueline played a part in having her thrown in jail.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Argument

"You're a f--king crazy bitch!” Teresa yelled at Laurita. Andy Cohen asked her to back up her claims and Teresa laid out an elaborate excuse that Jacqueline was the one who got her thrown in jail. 

She seemed to think Jacqueline was one of the people who spoke to the police about her. It definitely seems like Teresa wants to blame Jaqueline for everything that's wrong with her life. 

It's an easy thing to do, but Teresa needs to understand that she can't blame everyone else for her problems. It's very childish. 

Teresa Giudice Poses

Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, however, seemed to think that Jacqueline would never do anything like that. Even Jacqueline's husband, Chris, revealed that he had spoken with Joe Giudice about a deal that went awry. 

After Joe got hot headed about the whole thing, Chris said that was when he realized the friendship was over. 

Not everyone was on Team Jacqueline. Melissa Gorga revealed that Jacqueline has a knack for revealing secrets that have nothing to do with her. She pointed at Jacqueline and continued her tirade, with Dolores and Siggy looking like they had just realized Jacqueline was the one in the wrong. 

“She’s a wolf in lamb’s clothing, but she has rabies,” Teresa added, but Andy was quick to correct her mistake, but Teresa was not done trashing Jacqueline. 

Jacqueline Laurita on RHONJ

“You are a low, dirty bitch!” Teresa shrieked. 

Andy decided it was time for Teresa to open up about her time in the slammer, and for what it's worth, Teresa did change her attitude. 

“I met a lot of wonderful women,” she explained. She then opened up about her part in the tax crime, revealing she was not the one in the wrong and she was coerced into it. 

Giving an update on Joe's prison stint, Teresa revealed that Joe had lost 35 pounds. She also laid waste to the claims that Joe cheated on her while she was in jail. 

"I know if I was with Joe Guidice, I would make sure I would get kissing pictures,” she reasoned. “I would make sure I would get pictures in bed.”

Joe Giudice on the Phone

Teresa seemed upset at when it was brought up that Joe could be deported when he got out of prison. 

When that was all said and done, a montage of Teresa and Jacqueline in happier times was played. It got both woman emotional and they called a truce, before engaging in a group hug with the other ladies. 

How will this harmony last?

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