Taylor Swift Reveals Presidential Preference with Sweater

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Taylor Swift is the queen of passive aggressive fashion.

Late last month, the singer wore a choker during a performance in Austin, stirring talk that she's coming out with a new album because fans said Swift always debuts a new look when fresh music is on the way.

And she had never worn a choker on stage before.

Flimsy evidence? Perhaps.

But the Internet is now convinced it knows who Swift is voting for based on the top she wore to go vote today.

Taylor Swift Votes!

The artist shared the above photo on Instagram this morning, simply writing as a caption "Today is the day. Go out and VOTE."

Pretty simple and harmless, right? Inspiring even.

Not all that different from the many other pictures posted by celebrities today of themselves at their local polling locale.

Except that astute Swift fans took note of the sweater Swift is wearing.

They say this garment isn't something Taylor just tossed on after waking up from a night of partying with Lorde.

Someone named Kaitlyn Tiffany was the first to point out on Twitter that Swift's shoulder-less top is a nod to an Instagram photo shared a few days ago by occasional squad member Lena Dunham. 

Swift explanation

What the heck is she talking about?!?

Over the weekend, Dunham shared a composite of herself and Hillary Clinton wearing the same style of sweater as Swift is rocking above, even referencing the piece of attire in her caption.

"Headed to Denver to meet some of my favorite Nasty Women in support of @hillaryclinton!" wrote Dunham, adding:

"Let's do all we can in the days that remain. RN I'm paying tribute in my @lpathelabel cold shoulder sweater."

A-ha! SEE!!!!!!

Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton Sweaters

By wearing her own version of this sweater on Election Day, some might argue that Swift is totally being Taylor Swift.

She's expressing an opinion, but she's doing it in a subtle manner in order to not anger any fans of hers who may support Donald Trump.

Swift has gotten in trouble for this sort of thing in the past, getting called out by Demi Lovato, for instance, because she talks about being a feminist... yet doesn't really act like one.

Some might argue that Swift never really takes a stand; that she cares too much about her image.

She also has an unusual connection to Trump, in that close friend Karlie Kloss is dating Joshua Kushner, brother of Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner.

So could it be possible that Swift is sending a message here about voting for Hillary Clinton, while doing it in such a manner as to not upset Kloss and other Trump fans?

It's possible.

Or it's possible we're reading too much into her sweater.

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