Rob Kardashian Baby Name: Revealed! As Ridiculous as You Thought It Would Be!

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Move over, North and Saint.

You have a new cousin.

And you also have a new rival for most ridiculous name in the annals of celebrity baby history!

Rob and Chyna Photograph

As previously reported, Blac Chyna gave birth this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

She and Rob Kardashian welcomed a baby girl into the world at 9:18 a.m. via C-section, with E! News first confirming the bundle of joy's arrival.

From sources close to the situation, we can confirm that she weighed in at 7 lbs., 5 oz. And now we also have confirmation of her name. 

Think you are ready for this one? Are you prepared?

Will you be able to handle it? Cue the drum roll...

Rob and Chyna Photo

... and then get ready to meet DREAM RENEE KARDASHIAN.

Yes, the little girl's name is Dream.

Renee is also Chyna's middle name, although we somehow doubt that's the name on which readers will be focused.

Earlier rumors that Rob and Chyna would name their child Kym have proven to be wrong, prompting us to wonder:

Would that have been a better choice? It would have been a dream scenario (see what we did there?!?) for at least one of Rob's sisters, that's for sure.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on a Date

"She is gorgeous and has tons of hair!" a source tells E! of Dream, who is guaranteed to elicit even more pun-tastic headlines than either of her cousins.

At one point, Chyna had said her due date was November 16.

She never previously mentioned anything about a C-section, and it isn't clear whether this was the plan all along, or a change of plans.

It may come out soon that there was a slight complication that explained why the new mother chose to go this surgical route.

As for other details pertaining to Dream's birth, per E!:

Blac Chyna Hugs Rob Kardashian in a Photobooth

Chyna and Rob arrived at the hospital at around 6:40 on Thursday morning; they were joined there by Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni.

Blac's mom was dressed casually in sweats and a hat.

We've heard that Rob is officially separated from Blac, so the fact that he looked "giddy excited" as he entered the hospital is encouraging.

Yes, there's been a lot of talk leading up to this birth that he and Chyna are no longer living together and are, in fact, totally broken up.

Their exact status is unclear at the moment, and it may be kept under wraps for quite some time under the circumstances, but this we know:

They are parents!

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

More details also emerging as this story develops: 

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble were also at the hospital by the time Dream entered the world, as were a number of cameramen.

There's been talk of filming the labor and the birth for a TV special, although sources say some of the footage taken may have violated hospital protocol.

Chyna and Rob both wore sweats and the former even brought two big Louis Vuitton tote bags filled with leopard throw blankets and sheets with her.

Tokyo, meanwhile, celebrated the exciting development with a picture of her Chymoji face on Instagram, writing as a caption: "All praises to God!!!!!!!"

Toni tweet

A few questions now remain:

1. Will we see the first baby photo on social media or a tabloid cover?

2. Will Chyna and Rob raise the child while living under the same roof?

3. Which of Rob's famous loved ones will be the first to Tweet about the news?

4. Will this blessed event be what triggers the return of Kim Kardashian to the spotlight? Or at least to Instagram?

5. Dream? Really?!?

We mean no offense to the child, of course.

We're sure she's very nice - a dream come true, perhaps, at least to those who know her - and it's not as if she named herself.

But we had to go ahead and include Dream Kardashian in the above rundown of the most ridiculous baby names of all time.

We're sure she understands.

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