Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Strawberries

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Monday on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 2, Cardi cranked her relationship with her producer, while Snoop flirted with a new client.

Also, Bianca began working for DJ Drewski again, causing all who watch Love & Hip Hop online to wonder if she was flirting with disaster.

As you can probably expect from this VH1 hit, there was drama every step of the way. 

We kicked things off with Bianca Smith, who was getting help from Yandy Smith to meet all of the people she needed to in order to ensure her song and accompanying album were a hit. 

The problem?

Yandy introduced her to DJ Drewski, but she already knew him, so it was kind of a waste of time for everyone concerned. Poor Bianca thought she was about to meet a string of people to send her career into overdrive. 

Unfortunately, that's not how it works on reality TV and Drewski only ever seemed into her when he wanted her as his girl on the side. 

Not cool, dude. 

He then shocked Bianca by saying his girlfriend would have to approve her so that he could work for her. 

"What type of clown gives his girl the right to make business decisions for him?" Bianca asked the camera. 

Rightfully so. What the heck?

Meanwhile, the drama with Snoop and Jade just seems to be never ending at this stage. Jade was still very annoyed about the drama she had with Snoop's fans who interrupted their dinner date. 

If you recall, Jade went to town on them, hurling abuse at them. In Jade's eyes, she has given everything up for Snoop. She revealed to the camera that this was her first relationship with a woman. 

She's worried of having her heart broken into tiny pieces, so she needs to be sure that Snoop is not going to step out on her. 

Kimbella and Juelz also had some relationship issues. 

Kimbella flipped out when Juelz stayed in the recording studio all night, without giving her so much as a phone call to let her know what was going on. 

It would not have hurt him to pick up the phone. Right? I mean, it's almost like he was asking for an argument with her. 

"My phone died. Time got a little late," Juelz said, later revealing he didn't realize until he was in the car. 

Yeah, we believe you, dude. 

Kimbella then took issue with the amount of females that just always seem to be around Juelz.

"No bitches need to be around my man!"

She later found Juelz hanging around with women and went crazy again. 

Later, Drewski's girlfriend, Sky, was super pissed with him for going to the music showcase without telling her. 

"I know Bianca's an artist that he's had a past with, but I need to make sure that the relationship that she's trying to rekindle is strictly business," Sky reasoned.

When Bianca met up with Cardi B, they spoke about sex with white dudes. Cardi B revealed she has never slept with a white guy. 

"Maybe I'm having sex with the wrong race," Cardi B mused.

After that, we returned to Jade and Snoop for another fight. 

This time, Snoop crossed the line. She got a little too close to a potential artist she was signing to her record label. 

"Who is this bitch?" she asked as she showed Snoop a picture of the girl feeding her a strawberry. "I'm going to throw this phone at your head!"

It looked like Jade was trying to get in a physical altercation with Snoop, but she calmed down. 

Yikes. We're only two episodes in!

What do you think about all of the drama?

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