Leah Messer Reunites With Daughter, Announces YouTube Channel

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It's an exciting time in the life of Leah Messer.

The premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is right around the corner and after a tumultuous two years, this season could serve as sort of redemption tour for Leah.

Leah Messer: Deaughter Selfie

One of the low points last year came when Leah lost custody of her two daughters with Corey Simms.

After a lengthy and frequently ugly court battle, Messer regained partial custody, but her two oldest daughters still split their time between her home and the home shared by Simms and his wife, Miranda.

Leah also shares custody of her youngest daughter, Adalynn, with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Due to the itinerant nature of Calvert's job, Adalynn spends more time living with Leah than her other daughters do, but based on her latest Instagram post, it seems she was recently reunited with her youngest:

Leah Messer with Adalynn Calvert

"I have missed alll my babies!" Leah captioned the above collage.

"I can't wait to see the twins!" she added.

Even though the season hasn't premiered yet, the ladies of Teen Mom 2 recently assembled in New York to film the show's annual reunion special.

It seems that Leah had all three of her daughters stay with their dads while she was out of town.

Now, she's back home, and it seems that's not the only exciting news for Ms. Messer this week:

Yes, it looks as though Leah is starting a YouTube channel.

The comments on the above introductory video have been overwhelmingly supportive, and the most common suggestion has been for Leah to simply vlog about her day-to-day life.

A couple folks expressed surprise that with their popularity on social media, the ladies of TM2 don't all have YouTube channels already.

It's possible there's a reason for that the ladies aren't sharing with us.

Leah in an Interview

For example, it might be no coincidence that Leah is announced her channel just after filming for Season 8 wrapped up.

She and the rest of the cast could be contractually prevented from posting too much in the way video content online during the months when they're making the show.

Or maybe the idea just popped into Leah's mind and she's about to become a total trend-setter.

Either way, watch Teen Mom 2 online to hold you ever until her first upload.

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