Kylie Jenner to Tyga: Fire Your Hot Assistant, or Else!

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been going out for a long time.

In fact, their relationship pre-dates Kylie's legal adulthood by at least a year.

But even though Kylie stuck with Tyga through years of possible statutory rape arrests and supported him as he continues to pursue his "rap career" like a kid with dreams of becoming a cowboy astronaut, the guy still doesn't seem to appreciate what he has:

Tyga Kylie Jenner Blond Hair Yeezy Season Four

Case in point: by most accounts Tyga has cheated on Kylie. A lot.

Like, there's a pretty good chance he's in the act of cheating on her as you read this.

Anyway, Kylie has dumped Tyga on at least one occasion, but he always finds his way back into her life.

He's even ridden her coattails right onto his own MTV 2 series, Kingin' With Tyga.

Yes, Tyga has an idiotically-titled reality show.

According to Wikipedia, it "follows the life of rapper Tyga as he works on his music career and chronicles his luxurious lifestyle."

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Too Close for Comfort Photo

We're guessing it leaves out the parts about how he's getting sued for racking up massive debt.

Anyway, you've probably never heard of the show for the simple reason that it doesn't feature Kylie Jenner in her real-life role as The Only Interesting Part of Tyga's Life.

It does, however, feature Tyga's assistant, Katherine Levchenko, who, when she's not busy in her pursuit of moose and squirrel, is actively engaged in making Kylie extremely anxious about her dude's fidelity.

Katherine Levchenko Photo

Katherine is big-lipped, fake-boobed, and sports a massive social media following.

In other words, she's 100% Tyga's type.

So perhaps it's not surprising that, according to Life & Style, Kylie has demanded that Tyga ship her ass back to Tolstoy territory.

"Kylie thinks Katherine is very beautiful, and she doesn't like that she's in constant communication with Tyga," says one insider.

Sources say Kylie has instructed T-Raww fire Levchenko, but the rapper is dragging his feet.

As for Katherine, we imagine she's just trying to hold on to her cushy gig - and her citizenship - as long as she can.

Depending on how things play out on Tuesday, life for Russian nationals living in the US could soon be pretty sweet!

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