Kylie Jenner: I Want My Own Baby Now!

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When Dream Kardashian was born on Thursday morning, she changed all of our lives forever.

And that's just the fact of the matter.

Dream Kardashian

Just look at that face. That hair. Those eyes.

She's a real cute baby, there's a solid chance her life is already more exciting than yours, and her name is Dream Kardashian.

She's a revelation.

She's also, along with her big brother, King Cairo, allegedly inspiring Kylie Jenner to have a baby of her own.

But like immediately.

Kylie was so taken by Dream that she put aside her feud with Blac Chyna to tweet "I can't stop looking at her. Congrats @robkardashian @blacchyna. She's so beyond beautiful, a dream."

She's also been babysitting King while Chyna's been in the hospital having Dream -- Kylie is dating Tyga, King's father, remember, so she's kind of like his stepmom.

Long Live the King (Cairo)

So it looks like Chyna's kids have set off a storm inside Kylie's uterus.

According to an insider who spoke with HollywoodLife, "Kylie's having the time of her life watching and bonding with King while Chyna's been in the hospital."

"It's given her a serious case of baby fever."

Oh, God ...

"She told Tyga she could see herself being a mother," the source continued.

"She explained to him that she wants to have a child while she's still young so she can have the energy and stamina to keep up with the kid just like she's keeping up with King!" 

Kylie and Tyga Selfie Pic

"She's been reading to King, playing basketball with him, making him healthy snacks and even helping him with homework."

And Tyga is reportedly on board with the idea of impregnating Kylie with a little sibling/cousin for King.

"Kylie and King have a special connection," another source explained, "and it's really making her think of having a kid with Tyga."

"Tyga's down. He told her one of his greatest joys is being King's father and that he's down to father a child with Kylie."

At this point, it's worth noting that Kylie is just 19 years old, and her most stable relationship so far has been with her lip fillers.

Kylie Jenner, Way Close Up

As cute as King and Dream are, and as good as Kylie seems to do with kids, now might not be the best time to have one of her own.

She might want to wait at least a few more years, you know, so she can sow her wild oats and all that.

Plus, in a few years she might be able to find a guy that's not as gross as Tyga to get her pregnant.

And that would be the real dream, now wouldn't it?

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