Kylie Jenner Babysits King Cairo, Goes HAM on Snapchat

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Kylie Jenner babysat boyfriend Tyga's 4-year-old son, King Cairo, while King's mom Blac Chyna recovered from birthing Kylie's niece.

As bizarrely worded but true statements go, that's up there.

Clearly, a fun time was had by all on Snapchat ...

KJ and KC

Yesterday, Blac Chyna welcomed baby Dream Kardashian, whose father is Keeping Up With the Kardashians recluse Rob Kardashian.

(Sorry, Pilot Jones, she looks just like Rob Sr.).

While Rob and Blac became parents, albeit ones who may or may not even be a couple anymore, Kylie watched Chyna's first born.

Strange as it is that Tyga is banging a teenager who is the half-sister of the father of King's half-brother, they seem cool with it lately.

Case in point: Jenner shared her cute afternoon with King via Snapchat, as they got silly with app filters and ate apple slices and pasta.

What's not to love about that?

Long Live the King (Cairo)

Chyna, 28, shares King with Tyga, who has been dating Jenner since 2014, and King couldn't stop laughing during his visit with Kylie.

At one point, the little guy even made a cute comment about Jenner while pointing to a photo of the reality star and social media mogul.

"I like this girl right here," he said.

"Will you sit right next to me?"

Jenner did just that and laughed. "I can't with you," she teased, seemingly smitten by the young boy's boundless energy and innocence.

King Stevenson Image

While all the attention is on Dream, it's nice to see that this young King had an epic day of his own, and that Kylie is such a good caretaker.

As for his half-sister, she weighed in at 7 lbs., 5 oz.

Rob Kardashian even compared his daughter to his late father, Robert Kardashian, Sr. "She's an exact copy," he wrote on Instagram.

"Pops sent us an angel. It's truly a blessing," he added.

Of his late father, the first-time dad mused that perhaps "he's happier than anyone on this day ... I'm so happy and thankful ... GOODNIGHT."

The resemblance is pretty uncanny in this case ...

Dream Kardashian Robert Kardashian comparison

His siblings have also sent Rob their well-wishes.

"My new niece is absolutely stunning!!! So thankful I was able to land in time to witness this miracle happen! Praise God!" Khloe wrote.

Kourtney Kardashian, who has three kids of her own, added: "Feeling joyful and blessed to meet my little angel niece this morning ... "

"Dream come true."

Pun intended?

It was not immediately clear if Kim Kardashian, who is recovering from her armed robbery a few weeks ago, has seen her niece yet.

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