Kim Kardashian Sort of Returns to Instagram!

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Kim Kardashian... is... BACK!

Kind of. Sort of. In a manner of speaking, that is.

After barely making any social media moves at all since the horror of being robbed at gunpoint in Paris on the morning of October 3, Kardashian is now showing signs of Instagram life.

No, she has not shared any new photos.

But the reality star has made a point of following a few new celebrities on that popular platform.

According to various reports, Kim recently followed Ariana Grande; Joan Smalls; Nicole Richie's little sister and Justin Bieber's former lover, Sofia Richie; and Paris Hilton.

Or any of these of particular note?

Do any of these follows tell us anything about what lies ahead for Kardashian?

Not really.

She used to be very close friends with Hilton, of course, getting her start in Hollywood as that socialite's personal assistant.

Similarly, Hilton and Nicole Richie starred on a reality show together, while Ariana Grande hates America.

Put it all together and... well... we've got nothing.

Kardashian is yet to make a public comment of any kind since getting robbed.

For someone who seemed to equate social media posts with oxygen, who seemed to need the spotlight in order to survive, this is very telling. It's clear just how shaken up she was by the events in France last month.

A few weeks ago, Kardashian hopped on Twitter and unfollowed 14 people and left it at that without a word.

That figure has since dropped yet again for a grand total of 106 followed accounts.

But the only other time we've heard from Kardashian has been via her family's reality show.

Kim has been in the news due to her curiosity about having a surrogate carry her third child to term because it would be too dangerous for Kardashian herself to get pregnant again.

The remarks we've seen her make on air and the scenes we've seen each time we watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online are several weeks old, however.

They were filmed awhile back.

Kim Kardashian Plays with Hair

Not even Rob Kardashian welcoming his first child into the world prompted Kim to make a public statement of any kind.

According to multiple outlets, she and Kanye West gifted little Dream Kardashian with a pair of Yeezus sneakers, but we very much expected this to be the perfect opportunity for Kim to dive back into social media.

She could have offered Rob and Blac Chyna some basic well wishes and slowly made her re-entry into our news needs that way.

By not doing so, once again, Kim underscored the seriousness of her situation.

Shame on all those who thought she faked her robbery.

Numerous insiders have discussed how Kardashian was tied up and how she legitimately believed she was going to be raped or killed.

She pleaded for her life. She screamed about the kids she has at home. She really thought that would be it.

We truly can't imagine having been in that situation and we hope Kim takes as long as she needs to recover from it.

The Internet will still be here when she's ready.

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