Kim Kardashian: My Anxiety is Out of Control!

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Kim Kardashian apparently has a major anxiety problem ... and since we're finding out about this via Keeping Up With the Kardashians, surely her robbery exacerbated things quite a bit, since the taping was well before the hold-up. 

About her mental health, Kardashian said, "I've been having anxiety lately." 

"I am not this person."

“My mind does go crazy,” Kim revealed to Mama Jenner in an intimate sit-down, discussing her issues. 

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"When you get into your own head it’s scary and you don’t want to let it get to the next step, that’s debilitating … and you can’t live life," she continued. 

Kris' take on things? She thinks it's more ironic than she is concerned, apparently, but go figure.  

This is the woman who allegedly pushed a teenager into a sex tape, launching her worldwide sexcess. 

"It’s really ironic that Kim and Kendall are going through similar things," Kris said, airily, referring to Kendall Jenner's sleep paralysis.

"Maybe there’s a way they can help each other manage their anxiety," she concluded.


Or, you know, maybe just have a family that truly supports one another, and not just for show. 

Kris Jenner Looks Worried

Talking to Kim, Kris said, "I think we should find somebody for you two to talk to, so this doesn’t get bigger than it already is."

Kim agreed, and during an aside, she told the cameras, "I really pride myself in fully having my s--t together all the time."

"With how bad things are with Kendall [who also recently admitted to suffering anxiety issues], she has to get this under control," she added.

In the same episode, Kendall ultimately did go to a doctor to explore options for her anxiety management, and told the doc that she's been having panic attacks and has developed a fear of flying.

Needless to say nobody tells a Jenner what to do, and Kendall wrote off the therapist's advice like last year's NYFW castoffs.

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Kim, too, headed to the therapist - and yes, the same one.

Keeping it in the kfamily or kwhatever. 

"I think about [my anxiety] all the time [when I'm driving], it drives me crazy," Kim admitted.

"I just want to get past my anxiety and live life. I never had anxiety and I want to take back my life."

"Some people live by it, and because there’s no cure for anxiety you have to get control of your feelings," she said.

Yes, girl - anxiety is real, and anxiety can be debilitating. 

For your sake, and for the sake of your little ones, we hope that you're doing the right thing in getting it under control. 

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