Kailyn Lowry: Marrying Javi Marroquin Was a BIG Mistake!

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Kailyn Lowry isn't exactly the pinnacle of stable.

When you combine her personality and antics with Teen Mom, you have a veritable Sharknado of fuss and circumstance. 

As her book, Hustle and Heart, is nearly ready for release, we're getting all sorts of juicy tidbits and online drama, because what else would you expect? 

Kailyn Lowry Divorce Photo

She began one of her latest Twitter tirades talking about - what else? - relationships. 

Kailyn said, "People don't value relationships anymore."

"Everyone wants instant gratification & are constantly looking for the next best thing," she continued. 

"It's a revolving door of people because as soon as there is one issue someone wants out of the entire relationship," she explained.

This makes us wonder if it's she - or Javi Marroquin - who is the one who has successions of people lining up to date one of the two.

Somehow, we're doubting this. 

Javi Marroquin & Kailyn Lowry: Star Magazine's Annual Hollywood Rocks

When she was criticized for her own decision to leave her marriage to Marroquin, Kailyn fired back with heavy ammunition.

Passive-aggressively putting the blame on Javi's behavior, she proceeds to throw nothing short of epic shade in her book. 

"I walked away from something that was toxic," she retorted.

"A bad example for my children. There is a difference."

Sure, but when you just might be the toxic one, it's high time to do some serious soul-searching to see if you, yourself, are the best example for your children. 

She wasn't done there, though. 

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry's Family Photo

"Sure," she tweeted, "I've made mistakes in my relationships. But I know when things can be fixed & healthy. What I walked away from couldn't be." 

From there, the crazy spun out of control, as it normally does when Lowry embarks on her manic Twitter episodes. 

"Sometimes it's better to love for a distance," she continued. 

"Guess I need to be a little more girly." 

Kailyn Lowry: 2016 MTV Movie Awards (Close-Up)

"Never wanted to be the person who gives more than she gets," Kailyn admitted. 

Yesterday, Kailyn was "trying not to worry about things" that she can't control. 

What's next, bathroom updates? 

Poop photos? 

She concluded, "You can tell me 100 times, or show me once." 

How about just not, you know, showing us at all? 

Nobody cares about your book, Kailyn. 

Nobody cares about your estranged relationship with Javi Marroquin. 

Just go back to being your regular ol' Teen Mom crazy mode, and let the fans and the haters do the work. 

All right?

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