Kailyn Lowry: I'm Never Getting Married Again!

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We have yet to see a single episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 8, but nevertheless, the ladies have already assembled in New York to film the annual reunion show.

"Reunion" is a bit of a misnomer in the case of TM2, as the castmembers don't actually cross paths over the course of the season, and in a way, that makes the proceedings even more interesting.

The reunion show always features some interesting revelations, and according to rumors from the set, this year has been no exception.

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

We've already learned that Jenelle Evans was accused of smoking pot while pregnant, and now we're getting another tidbit based on an account one audience gave to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

"She was being grilled by Dr. Drew [Pinksy] a lot about the divorce, and he was really trying to get Kail to talk about her current dating situation,” claims the source.

“It was actually to the point where it was getting weird how insistent he was that Kail talk about it.

"He seemed kind of shocked when Kail told him she never wants to get married again.”

Things got weird with Dr. Drew?! Ya don't say...

Kailyn Lowry and Dr. Drew Celebrate Teen Mom

How many former Celebrity Rehab patients have to overdose before we as a society agree to stop considering Dr. Drew an expert in anything other than self-promotion?

This guy life-coaching the Teen Mom girls is like Kim Kardashian teaching a course on how to be less of a fame junkie.

Given her past experiences, it's not remotely surprising that Kailyn has no interest in getting married again, but it sounds like instead of validating that, Dr. Evil Drew pushed her for a good on-camera quote.

Once the interrogation was over, Kail apparently continued to share her thoughts on the idea of becoming a wife again:

Chelsea and Kailyn Love

“Kail was never super-sold on the idea of marriage to begin with,” the source said.

“She says she would never get married again, and especially regrets getting married so young, because she feels that people her age don’t really take marriage seriously.”

Back in the hot seat for round 2 with the good doctor (yes, we're saying that ironically), Kail made another interesting revelation:

"Kail finally told Dr. Drew that she is ‘dating someone’ and he asked her if that person was a boy or a girl,” the audience member said.

Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry Pic

“Kail told him that she likes to date both, and it doesn’t really matter to her what gender they are.”

For months, rumors that Lowry is dating Becky Hayter have been circulating on social media, but neither side has confirmed the reports.

As for whether or not she plans to expand her family at any point in the future, Kail was quite clear on that point:

"Kail did state that she really wants to have more children at some point," says the audience member.

And we're sure MTV will happily come along for the ride.

Though hopefully they'll have ditched Dr. Douche by then.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online in order to get caught up in time for Season 8.

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