Javi Marroquin to Kailyn Lowry: I Hate You ... But I'm Proud of You

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Javi Marroquin may have a lot of resentment toward Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, but even he's giving her props on the new book.

Javi Marroquin Hates Kailyn

There has not been any love lost between the former couple, especially not since their divorce filing and her new book release.

Perhaps it was not surprising, then, to see Javi holding up a copy of Hustle and Heart captioned, “I hate her but I’m proud of her.”

As you might imagine, the caption raised a lot of eyebrows, but Javi was quick to brush it off as lighthearted - and he may have a point.

To one irate social media follower, he responded: "@officialteenmo1 @KailLowry lmao she made up the caption. Get over it."

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

Hate is a strong word, but if Kail really did write the caption, then not only is it not meant to offend, but they're both in on the joke.

Considering that they have a very young son together, it's a great sign if anything that perhaps they're moving forward happily.

Javi also shared some good news in that he apparently has a new rank in the Air Force: "Staff sergeant (select) Marroquin!!!!!!!!! Let's go!!!"

That's awesome. Congrats and well done Javi!

Though, as Starcasm notes, Kail should really re-tweet that with the caption “I hate him but I’m proud of him” to bring this thing full circle.

Javi Marroquin tattoo pic

As for talk of Kailyn and Javi getting back together, or her plastic surgery playing a role in their split, or Javi getting a tattoo of Kailyn's face?

Well, those rumors will likely persist for awhile.

Teen Mom 2 fans have been questioning what the heck went on between them ever since the relationship crumbled earlier this year.

Despite all the drama and passive-aggressive shade-throwing, Kailyn's book paints a more conventional picture of a marital breakdown.

Kail seems to think that Javi's propensity for trying to control her was a major part of the reason it all went south for the once-happy pair. 

“I had Javi, my knight in shining armor," she laments.

"And we had big plans to build a castle together where we would raise our children in a stable, two-parent home" ... if only.

Kailyn explains in the book that from her perspective, Javi was not supportive of practically anything she wanted to do. 

Like at all. If anything, she claims, he smothered her.

“I wanted to open a blow-dry bar, an idea my friends were so supportive of,” the MTV star said, detailing a lifelong dream.

“Javi, on the other hand, was not on board."

"In fact," she writes, "he was downright unsupportive [to the point of] knocking down the idea every time I brought it up.”

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you remember well that Javi didn't show much trust in Kailyn on many occasions.

Or all occasions.

It was heartbreaking to watch it all play out in public like it has, but it's clear there were some serious trust issues in play.

Over time, Kailyn realized this too, and "it became clearer and clearer how little my husband trusted me,” Lowry lamented.

“When he did things like demanding I unlock my phone to prove I had nothing to hide," she writes, she knew it was over.

"Calling me constantly when I was enjoying time with friends to make sure I wasn’t doing anything ‘sneaky’ behind his back."

“I had done nothing to make him doubt me."

Here's hoping that the light-hearted Snapchat caption above indicates that the two are on much better terms these days.

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