Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Did Angelo's Mother Warm To Cookie?

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Cookie Lyon is a romantic woman, you guys!

On Empire Season 3 Episode 7, Cookie was struggling with her feelings after recounting how her father died, while trying to impress Angelo's mother. 

This paved the way for some flashbacks which gave us the reveal that Cookie was thrown out of her home due to her dealings with Lucious. 

Cookie Does Not Want to Play Grandma on Empire

As much as she tried to apologize to her father for betraying him, he just couldn't trust her any more. He died three days later following a heart attack and a video Jamal created showed us just how much he meant to her. 

Cookie did not want to mourn the loss of her father, and it's pretty clear she only did so after all these years. That resulted in her missing a meeting with Angelo and his mother. 

When Cookie tried to make things right with Angelo, she got rid of some "hood rats" who were hanging around him because he was alone. 

Angelo said the best way to apologize to his mother would be with the family by her side. She agreed, but her family did not want to go to the dinner because they didn't want to be fake. 

Jamal went to Carol to find out the truth about his grandfather, forcing her to reveal the truth about the way he died. 

Cookie went to Candace when she realized she was way out of her depth with Angelo's mother. She wanted to act posh and proper, so Candace schooled her on how to be a lady, while throwing some insults at the Trumps. 

Cookie Trying To Impress on Empire

When Cookie kicked off her dinner party, she got the shock of her life when Lucious and Anika showed up after Hakeem stole the baby. Lucious took great pride in running his family into the ground. 

He called out Jamal for being gay and Andre for being crazy. It was horrific and showed just how much of an ass Lucious could be. He was only doing it to make sure Cookie had no one to love her so he could swoop in and get her back. 

Unfortunately for him, Angelo's mother understood what Cookie was going through and requested that she did not hurt her son. And just like that, they were friends. 

Poor Cookie thought it was going to get her on her side. Heck, even Angelo offered Cookie some nookie for being such a good girlfriend. 

Elsewhere, Nessa, Andre and Shine conspired against Lucious and brought Freda Gatz back into the fold in a big way. Just when Nessa thought Andre was using her, he brought Freda in and they were all fine. 

Freda sung a duet with Nessa in which they trashed the Lyons. It was horrible, but it showed that there was no way Andre was going to be back in cahoots with his family any time soon. 

All things considered, it was a weak episode with very little plot progression. Lucious seems to be getting hot under the collar for Anika again and I don't think I can take them seriously as a couple again. 

The second half of the season will need to be AMAZING to make up for the crap fest the first half has been.

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