Dancing With the Stars: Was It Rigged for Laurie Hernandez?

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Laurie Hernandez is the youngest person to win Dancing With the Stars. 

The Olympic gymnast managed to win the title on last night's season finale.

Her win was thrilling watch, but it was not all the surprising.

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy Win!

Being a gymnast, you could say she already had an advantage in the competition. 

She already knew what she would have to do if she had any hope of winning, and that would mean she would have to undergo rigorous coaching. 

It was evident way back on the season premiere that producers were betting big on Hernandez.

She was given the closing performance on the opener and that generally means the producers thought she was the real deal. 

We already knew that votes from the audience counted and Hernandez was basically America's sweetheart before even setting foot in the ballroom. 

She got a lot of publicity throughout her stint on the Olympics and it was all good.

America watched as she went from strength-to-strength. 

She and her team from the Rio Olympics were practically everywhere after taking part in the Olympics. 

Additionally, producers opted to show clips of Laurie's now deceased grandmother, who was very positive about her appearing on the show. 

Showing things like that definitely makes it look like the producers were gearing Laurie up for the win.

Dancing with the Stars Champs!

If America's influence was not helping Hernandez before that, then it most definitely was after that. 

Some people have started being able to accurately predict how the season will play out just based on the blatant favoritism in the premiere. 

America does love people winning who have great stories, and there's no denying that Laurie's journey this year has been anything short of amazing. 

Laurie Hernandez Cries

It is difficult to rig a show with a scoring system, unless the judges play a part in it, but we'll probably never find out. 

What do you think about all of this?

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