Catelynn Lowell: Is She Still Struggling with Her Mental Illness?

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Back in March, Catelynn Lowell checked into a rehab center to get help with her mental health issues, namely her depression and anxiety.

She spent three weeks there, but sadly, she's still been having significant problems stemming from her illnesses.

And in this new sneak peek from next week's episode of Teen Mom OG, it looks like things are coming to a head. Again:

Things start off normal and fine, with Catelynn telling her husband, Tyler Baltierra, about her visit with little Nova to see some horses.

She says that Nova wanted to get down and run around, but that she wouldn't let her because there were so many horses around -- cute, right?

But then Catelynn mentions that she saw a horse for sale that she was interested in buying. And that's when things got weird.

"They had one of the ones there that I liked for sale," she tells Tyler.

"She's $3,000 because she's young, and she's very, like, um ... a broad spectrum, you can put little kids on her, you can put scared adults on her, and she does really good."

She goes on to explain that "It's just first of all finding a horse that you like, and if I'm interested in one, then that's when, you know, you call boarding facilities, see what they offer, how much they are, before you even buy a horse, and then you just kind of go from there."

Catelynn Lowell Interview Pic

Which might be a normal conversation, except it's clear by the expression on Tyler's face that he's not even remotely interested in buying a horse, not even a little bit, not even at all.

But he tries to be reasonable about it, and he asks Catelynn how much it costs to board a horse.

She really tries to sell it here, telling him that some boarding costs as little as $100 a month, but a producer interrupts to mention that the guy they spoke with at the stables actually said boarding was $1,000 a month.

Still, Tyler tries to find a way to politely end the conversation, this time by suggesting that Catelynn volunteer at some horse stables instead of actually buying a horse.

"No, volunteering's different though," Catelynn sneers. "I want to be able to ride if I'm having a panic attack."

And there it is.

Catelynn Lowell on Teen Mom

Tyler still thinks volunteering would be good, because she's be "right there, and it's free, I'm just sayin'," but she's not having it.

She insists that owning a horse would be much better for her, because that way she wouldn't have to pay $30 whenever she had a panic attack to ride a horse that wasn't hers.

(It's interesting to note that, at this point in the video, Nova takes off her diaper and runs into another room by herself. But sure, let's keep talking about horses.)

Good ol' Tyler points out that it might make more sense to just pay $30 for each riding session instead of paying thousands and thousands of dollars to own a horse, and Catelynn actually laughs at him.

Cate Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

After that, he gives up, and she starts repeating, over and over, that she will own a horse.

It's just a little bit unbearable.

We feel for Catelynn, we really do, and it must be terrible to suffer from mental illness like she does.

But let's remember that, earlier this season, she bought a miniature pig, and that pig was a big part of what drove Catelynn to go to rehab.

The poor animal squealed and squealed, like pigs do, but she couldn't handle it, and she told her Teen Mom producers that she needed help.

So she went to rehab, she came back home, but she's still been struggling with even getting out of bed in the mornings.

But she wants to buy a horse?

Things just aren't looking great for Catelynn. That's all.

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