Catelynn Lowell: Is She PREGNANT?!

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As you surely know if you watch Teen Mom OG (or even if you just get on the internet sometimes), Catelynn Lowell has been having a tough time lately.

Or really, she's had it rough for a while now -- she was thrown into a hell of a battle with postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter, Novalee, in January 2015.

Cate Lowell

Things got so bad that Catelynn went to rehab in March to deal with her mental illness, and she's still struggling with it.

According to what we've seen on the show, there are some days when Catelynn can't even get out of bed, and it's all really affected her marriage with Tyler Baltierra.

So hey, sounds like a great time to have another baby, right?

If we're to believe the rumors, Catelynn is pregnant with her third child, mental health be damned.

She sparked those rumors herself when she posted this photo with fellow Teen Mom stars, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney:

Catelynn Lowell with Maci and Taylor

"#thxbirthcontrol nine months from now I plan on being more awesome!!" she captioned the picture, and a lot of people took that as a pregnancy announcement.

She got several comments like "Congrats, Catelynn!" and "omg you're pregnant!"

She also got some comments that were a little less kind, like "The last thing you need is something else you aren't capable of taking care of."

But still, the general consensus was that she's pregnant.

So is she? Did she and Tyler decide to have another kid, even though things have been so hard lately? Are we going to see another precious little Teen Mom baby?

Catelynn Lowell Instagram Photo

No, it turns out that Catelynn's just bad at communicating, because she's given a statement denying the pregnancy.

"After all of the rumors started circulating," she said, "I wanted to make this very clear."

"After just recovering from postpartum depression coupled with the fact that I'm on birth control, Tyler and I are not and will not be expecting for a few more years."

"Sorry for the inconvenience," she added.

Over on Twitter, one of her followers asked her "did you know you're pregnant?" and she responded "Yea definitely not."

And so there you have it.

Catelynn Lowell Baby Bump

Catelynn actually does have the good sense to wait a little while before having another child, after all that postpartum depression put her through.

A Teen Mom with some sense ... hey, stranger things have happened, right?


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