Brad Pitt: My Kids Want Me Back NOW!

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Brad Pitt and his children are reaching a breaking point ... and the end result doesn't look like it's going to be pretty. 

According to a new report from Hollywood Life, two of the Brangelina children - Pax and Shiloh - just want their dad back. 

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"Recently, Pax and Shiloh told Angelina that they’d prefer to live with their father," the source revealed. 

"Pax and Shiloh have always had a strong bond and both of them have long felt more compatible, emotionally, with Brad."

"If Pax and Shiloh really want to be with Brad," the insider continued.

"She’s in an unwinnable situation."

"How can you claim you’re doing what’s best for the kids when you’re ignoring their stated wishes?"

Burn, Angelina Jolie, burn. 

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No, but really. 

Brad himself seems to be feeling the burn, too - the burn of empty loneliness

“[Pitt] is considering a major change as he has been feeling the effects of the loss of [Angelina] and his kids as he sits in the big empty mansion his family used to call home,” a source told Hollywood Life. 

“Brad is leaning towards finally letting go and selling the huge Hollywood Hills house he owned before he had kids and starting over somewhere new.” 

We don't blame him - too many bad memories spread over such a long period of time ... we'd want outskies, too. 

It doesn't seem like Brad's the only "bad parent" in question, however (excuse our complete and utter lack of surprise starting ... now). 

Brad and Angelina Us Weekly Cover

In a recent alleged report, Angelina was investigated for child abuse herself. 

A former associate of the couple claimed that they'd never heard or seen Pitt exhibit any negative behavior toward Angelina or the kids ...

... But that Angelina was once overheard saying that she was going to "beat [Brad] to death" following a garden-variety argument. 

The source added that he never actually saw Angelina become physically violent, but that doesn't necessarily mean it never happened. 

The employee also noted that he'd never heard Angelina threaten or strike the children, but ... that doesn't necessarily mean it never happened. 

What we have here, friends, is a failure to communicate, and Angelina is beginning to look as bad as she tried to make Brad look.  

Those poor children ... what a damn mess. 

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