Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Fought About Lack of Sex, Adopting More Kids Before Divorce?

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At this point, the media has crafted a narrative around the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt divorce that's been widely accepted by most fans and gossip hounds.

The story goes:

An incident took place aboard a private jet that caused Brad to get investigated for child abuse and Jolie to take the kids and move out on him the following day.

Brangelina, Back in the Day

Based on statements from witnesses and the fact that Brad is being investigated by the FBI in connection with the allegations against him, there's almost certainly some truth to those rumors.

But while the altercation between Brad and 15-year-old son Maddox may have been the final straw, it's certainly possible - and even probable - that several other factors also played into Jolie's decision to call it quits.

Now, we may have some insight into what those factors were.

According to the new issue of Life & Style, Brad and Angie were attending couples therapy in the months leading up to their split.

Brangelina at the Oscars

The tabloid claims to have spoken to a source close to the therapist, who claims that there were two main issues that seemed to be driving a wedge between Brad and Angie:

One was that they were mired in what the insider described as a "sexless marriage."

The other was that Jolie was reportedly intent on adopting a seventh child, an idea that Brad was less than thrilled about.

“Brad suddenly felt disenchanted with [Angelina]’s plans of having one, big and multi-cultural family," says the source.

"This simply made the family chaotic and unorganized and Pitt cannot handle them anymore. And with the instability of the family, Brad suffered from [a] mental breakdown.”

Jolie and Pitt Picture

We're not sure we see the connection between the multi-cultural nature of his family and Brad's supposed breakdown, but the next part makes a bit more sense:

It seems Brad felt that Angie was more concerned with turning the family into a living advertisement for the joys of adopting older kids than with, ya know ... actually raising said kids.

“According to Angie, everybody seems to want to adopt babies when there are so many other wonderful, worthy and deserving older children out there," the insider claims.

A worthy cause, to be sure, but if Brad felt his kids weren't getting the proper care because of Angie's "#AdoptTheWorld" initiative, then he was right to complain.

That said, if there's even a kernel of truth to the allegations that Brad got physical during a fight with one of his kids, then all of his complaints are invalid and Angie is right to fight for sole physical custody.

We're just saying whatever happened aboard that plane might not tell the entire story.

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