Angelina Jolie Alleges Custody Agreement; Has a Deal Been Reached?

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Have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reached a custody agreement?

Yes, according to a rep for the actress.

But questions still remain regarding the future of these stars, their divorce and who will be in charge of their six children.

Jolie, Angelia

In a statement released late Monday evening, a rep for the actress claims that she and Pitt have reached a legal settlement about the custody of their kids.

However, other sources close to the situation continue to maintain that the estranged is yet to permanently resolve their differences.

These insiders allege that Pitt still plans to push for joint custody.

But let's start with Jolie's side of things.

The aforementioned Jolie representative tells People Magazine the following:

"We can confirm that childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides over a week ago.

"In accordance with this agreement, the six children will stay in their mother’s custody, and the children will continue therapeutic visits with their father.

"This has been determined by childcare professionals to be in the children’s best interest."

The rep says he is "not in a position to discuss the details," adding:

"We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children and their wellbeing, there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation.

"We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time."

Jolie filed to divorce Pitt on September 19.

This stunning decision took place four days after an alleged incident between Pitt and 15-year old son Maddox on board a private airplane.

It seems definite that harsh words were exchanged between father and son, while the FBI even investigated charges that Pitt got physical with his child.

No legal recourse has come out of this situation.

Tabloids and websites have been speculating ever since about what happened and where the tandem formerly known as Brangelina will go from here.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Divorce Story

Last month, Jolie and Pitt agreed to a temporary plan involving counseling and visitation, which was suggested by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

This new agreement sounds as if it is simply an extension of that temporary deal beyond the original October 21 expiration.

If so, it would be a major victory for Jolie, who has fought from the beginning for full physical custody.

Last Friday, Pitt filed his response to Jolie’s petition, asking to share joint physical and legal custody of Maddox Jolie-Pitt;  Pax Jolie-Pitt; Zahara Jolie-Pitt; Shiloh Jolie-Pitt; and twins Knox Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.

Why would he suddenly therefore agree to any deal in which Jolie has complete custody?

We can't pretend to know what goes on behind the scenes with these stars.

This is obviously a very delicate situation and also a very sad one, with six kids stuck in the middle.

All we can do is hope that Brad and Angelina stay on good terms and come to some kind of resolution that keeps the best interests of their offspring in mind.

That's the most important thing now. By far.

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