Amber Heard: Stiffing Charities Out of Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement Cash?!

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Shortly after Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, it became clear that the situation would be much uglier than your typical celebrity split.

Depp was accused of domestic violence, and Heard's camp painted a picture of the beloved actor as a drunken abusive monster.

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As is often the case in high-profile celebrity breakups, Heard was accused of going after Depp's bank account.

She responded to those accusations in deft fashion by promising to donate her divorce settlement to two charities: the ACLU and Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

The move was interpreted by many as a middle finger to both Depp and his supporters, Heard's way of deflecting criticism and sending a clear, unmistakable message that she wasn't in this for the money.

There were even reports that Heard was broke and essentially homeless as a result of her pledge, but remained unwavering in her intentions.

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Now, however, TMZ is reporting that more than three months after the divorce was settled, neither charity has received the $7 million that Heard was awarded.

The site claims that each organization did receive an initial installment of $200,000, but that money was apparently sent to them directly by Depp, not Heard.

After Heard declared her plan to donate her settlement, Depp's lawyers stated that the actor would cut out the middle man by issuing checks directly to the Children's Hospital and the ACLU.

Heard was reportedly furious, as she not only felt that the move was Depp's way of making himself out to be the good guy, she also saw it as an effort to score a massive tax write off.

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Her attorneys put the kibosh on Depp's plan to donate the cash himself, and neither organization has seen a dime in the months since.

It remains unclear, however, if the money dried up because it's in Amber's possession, or because it's tied up in the appeals process.

Heard's lawyers claim the couple has not signed settlement deal, but that they're expected to do so this week.

After months of PR nightmares, we're sure they'll be signing some iron-clad non-disclosure agreements, as well, so we may never find out exactly how this plays out.

But whatever the case, two worthy organizations are about to receive two very large checks.

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