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It’s true, Tori Spelling is pregnant.


No, again again.

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Tori, who is 43 years old, just announced that she and her gross husband, Dean McDermott, are expecting their fifth child together.

"It was a total surprise," Tori revealed.

Yeah, no kidding.

"We always wanted a big family," she continued. "I’m really excited."

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Tori and Dean are parents to Liam, who’s nine years old, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, 4.

About the new pregnancy, Tori said that "Dean was saying, ‘We just got Finn out of diapers; I thought we were in the clear!’"

Not so fast, Dean: Tori’s baby factory probably has at least a couple more years before it shuts down, so maybe learn a valuable lesson about contraception if this pregnancy came as such a surprise.

"The baby will be an adjustment for the entire family," Tori acknowledged. "For the first time this year, they’re all in school. So it’s like, wow. We’re basically starting over."

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott UFC Fight Photo

But while Tori makes it sound like she and Dean are both completely baffled as to how she could have possibly gotten pregnant, they’re apparently pretty psyched.

Tori said that "This baby happened at the best time. Nothing is ever perfect, but I’m so madly in love with my husband and with our kids. The idea of adding to that is such a blessing."

While it’s all very nice and good that Tori and Dean are so excited about their new addition, it’s worth noting that they were in the news just a couple of days ago for some not-so-happy reasons.

Tori, bless her heart, has been struggling with money for quite some time now.

Tori Spelling with Dean McDermott Image

They were forced to leave their mansion and relocate to a significantly smaller home, they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, and this week a judge ruled that Tori has to pay her credit card company over $38,000 for falling behind on her credit card payments.

This goes without saying, but babies are expensive. Hell, one baby is expensive, but one baby and four young children?

Tori better be figuring out if there’s a way she can make returns on all that plastic surgery, because girlfriend is going to have to pull some money from somewhere.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on a Red Carpet

And it’s also worth noting that Dean McDermott can’t seem to stop cheating on Tori to save his life, but can we all agree to just forget about that for a minute? It’s too uncomfortable.

But hey, congrats, Tori and Dean! Sincerely. Just please try to figure out your lives and how they work before this new kid comes out, OK?