Selma Blair: Drugs, Alcohol Caused Psychotic Blackout!

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Don't do drugs, y'all. 

Selma Blair's epic in-flight meltdown - you remember it, of course. 

Blair flipped out so hard on the flight that she was removed from the aircraft by a stretcher

Let's repeat that: a stretcher

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Now, she's finally opened up entirely about the incident, calling the event on the plane "frightening," and referring to her ordeal as a "psychotic blackout." 


Blair told The Talk that her "blackout" was the result of a "very bad choice." 

"I am someone that should never drink, and I rarely do, and I don't drink anymore, but I did," she revealed. 

"I was going through something." 

"I had a glass of wine, [and] someone gave me a pill that I thought was something that I had taken before, which I don't take on a regular basis," Blair admitted. 

"It was something completely different," she blamed. 

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Same, girl. 

"It was horrible and frightening," she continued, "and I had empathy for myself, actually, afterwards." 

Well, of course she did. 

Heaven knows Blair thinks extraordinarily wonderful things about herself, so it'd make sense that she could do what others could not: "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another."

"It was so out of character for me, especially now that I am a mother," she said.

"My son was with his father and he had slept through it."

"I knew he was going to sleep," she confided.

"He had his headphones on and that's why I took this pill."  

Selma Blair on a Plane

Okay then. 

She admitted that it was a "bad choice all around," and promised those on The Talk that it wouldn't be a repeat incident. 

Hopefully not, because the result of her "bad choice" was a terrifying ordeal for anyone within earshot. 

Blair, during the incident, screamed, "He burns my private parts!"

"He won't let me eat or drink!"

"He beats me!"

"He's going to kill me!"

Yeah, we'd say that it's better off if Selma leaves the drugs and alcohol behind - especially the drugs and alcohol in combination - for the betterment of herself and anyone who might have the misfortune of having to endure another psychotic break.

Scary stuff, all that. 

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