Rob Kardashian to Blac Chyna: You're a Psychopath!

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are not getting along in the following clip from their terrible reality show.

We know, right? Talk about SHOCKING!

But E! has unveiled a preview of Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 5 and it gives us an early look at what may be the program's most explosive fight to date.

See it for yourself here:

With Rob behind the wheel, we see Chyna scream at her fiance to let her “the f-ck out of the car,” while Rob has a simple reply to this request:

"You psychopath."

Ah, yes. True love. It really is magical, isn't it?

This preview above also depicts Blac Chyna questioning her relationship with Rob, confessing for the world to hear and judge:

"I don't know how much longer I can do this."

Fortunately, Kim Kardashian is around to try and comfort Chyna, while saying she hopes Rob, "gets it together for the baby."

Yes, the baby. Chyna is due to give birth at some point in the next few weeks.

We shudder to think of what sort of household this child will enter, based on how we watch Rob & Chyna online nearly every week and continually see the sort of fireworks displayed above.

Blac Chyna Yells

Of course, we know this episode was filmed weeks ago.

So whatever the stars were arguing over is no longer an issue, considering they are together and seemingly happy.

Just a few days ago, Rob shared a picture on Instagram of his hand on Chyna's very pregnant belly, insinuating strongly that everything was fine at home.

But that released image followed several reports that stated Chyna and Rob had actually broken up.

The reason for this split was never made explicit.

Heck, the reports may not even have been true, although Chyna did recently send Rob's phone number out over social media and imply once again that he was still texting "bitches."

So perhaps they are fighting in this sneak peek and continue to fight over Rob's side pieces.

Rob Kardashian Yells

Rob has reportedly been living at his own house for nearly two months now, drowning his sorrows and his anger in food and ballooning once again to over 300 pounds.

Sources have been alleging that his family is concerned because we all know how Rob Kardashian can get.

He shuts out the outside world when he's upset. He consumes too much food. He gets all dark and depressed and the really scary thing is that he has Diabetes.

So there's a legitimate cause to be worried about his health.

And this would be all be just another reason to laugh or scoff at the Kardashians and their ridiculously scripted TV shows and fights.

Except for the point made above: there's a baby about to enter the picture. There's a new life Rob and Chyna will soon be in charge of.

This isn't the time for games or for contrived antics, written by E! producers and acted out on a weekly basis.

Shape up, Chyna and Rob. Realize that you are about to become parents.

How will you respond someday when your daughter finds this footage on the Internet?

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