Pippa Middleton: Getting Butt in Shape For Upcoming Wedding!

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Like many brides-to-be, Pippa Middleton apparently wants to get her butt in gear for her upcoming wedding to James Matthews.

We mean that in the literal sense, though.

If you recall from sister Kate Middelton’s wedding, maid of honor Pippa became the star of the show in large part thanks to her derriere.

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She looked absolutely incredible, became an international sensation and a celebrity in her own right thanks to one bridesmaid dress.

Which is terrific, but with Pippa Middleton engaged to James Matthews and preparing for her own wedding, begs the tough question:

What can she possibly do for an encore now!?

To be frank, Pippa's star has faded somewhat in recent years, so being back in the news for a wedding puts extra attention on this factor.

Apparently, Pippa is feeling the pressure and willing to do anything to make sure she looks every bit as good on her own wedding day.

A tall order, but she's determined to pull it off.

As one alleged source said:

“Pippa has put on a little weight and is working out like crazy to get that famous bottom back in perfect shape before she says ‘I do.’"

"The last time she wore a white dress was her sister’s wedding ... she wants to look like that again and won’t set a date [for hers] until she does."

"Pippa knows the world’s cameras will be watching her and wants to make sure that her butt looks at least as good as it did at Kate’s wedding.”

The last thing the 33-year-old beauty wants is for her fairy tale wedding to be a complete disaster, or to be totally ignored by the media.

Neither of which are likely, of course.

Millions of pounds will be spent to make it the socialite wedding of the year. That's pretty much a guarantee. As for how Pippa looks?

Pippa has waited several years to make this happen and we would expect nothing less than for her to look fashionably stunning in white.

The younger Middleton is as pretty as they come and knows a thing or two about planning A-list events. Kind of what she does, after all.

Short story: It'll be nothing short of epic.

She has bigger things to worry about, in any case. Like the fact that hackers allegedly stole Pippa Middleton nude pics from her iCloud.

Yes, that actually happened. It's bad.

Whatever she wears on her wedding day, the tabloid media would have more of a field day with what she is or isn't wearing in private photos.

Just saying.

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