Michelle Duggar: Jinger is Breaking All the Courtship Rules!

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Jinger Duggar isn't exactly the rebellious type, but it seems the newly engaged 22-year-old has been pushing her parents to their limit ever since she announced that her courtship with Jeremy Vuolo.

If you watch Counting On online, then you're no doubt familiar with the chaste courtship process which seems designed to ensure that young people marry out of sexual frustration, and then immediately begin breeding.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

Needless to say, the young folks themselves aren't always super keen on abiding by a strict code of genital conduct, so it often falls to parents and older siblings to creepily "chaperone" these consenting adults.

Despite the fact that this system has caused major problems for the Duggars in the past (See: the Josh Duggar sex scandal, the other Josh Duggar sex scandal, and the Josh Duggar sex scandal that'll probably come out in the next few weeks), they're sticking to their guns.

Even if it means publicly embarrassing one of their daughters.

If you caught this week's episode of Counting On, you may remember the scene in which Michelle Duggar commented on Jinger's romance.

The family matriarch hinted to her husband Jim Bob that her daughter is more affectionate with her fiance than they would prefer ...


"They definitely are in love,” she reported back to her husband after chaperoning the trip during which Jeremy popped the question.

“It’s kind of hard to keep two magnets apart."

When he asked point blank if the two of them had violated courtship rules, she played it coy:

“Well, there were a few moments that I think she was totally caught off guard,” Michelle admitted.

So it sounds like they definitely did break the rules, but that could mean many things ...

Jinger and Jeremy Reunite!

Duggar kids aren't even allowed to kiss before marriage, and until they exchange vows, their physical contact is limited to hand holding and "side-hugs."

So we know Jinger and Jeremy broke the rules again, but it could've been something as tame as a "front-hug."

Oh yes. Treading ever more dangerously.

Based on recent comments from Jinger, it seems things didn't go much further than almost-genital contact through two layers of denim:

“I think we’re still going to save our first kiss for the wedding day,” Jinger said, dashing the hopes of fans clamoring for a Vuolo baby.

The breeding will commence, but not yet.

Jinger has said in the past that each couple should have their own courtship guidelines, and that hers may even be somewhat fluid.

Still, it sounds like she's pretty committed to the core principles of abstaining from pretty much all premarital bodily contact with her man.

The 22-year-old continued explaining:

“Jeremy and I have learned just the communication factor of a relationship, making that the priority right now and just being wise with physical affection and boundaries there."

"Just saving that for marriage.”

Well, we suppose it's good to save something for the honeymoon. Of course, the Duggars tend to save everything for the honeymoon.

We imagine that makes for some mighty short wedding receptions, but it's not like there's an open bar there anyway, so ...

What do you think of the courtship process? Sweet and timeless, or antiquated and actually detrimental to long-term relationship health?

Will Jinger and Jeremy make it to the altar ... before taking their clothes off somewhere in private because they just can't help themselves?

Hit the comments below and discuss!

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