Mackenzie McKee: Teen Mom 3 Star Drops Big Baby News!

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Mackenzie McKee recently welcomed her third child back in August, and already, the Teen Mom 3 star is thinking about having more kids ...

... but not in the way you might think!

MacKenzie McKee and Baby

She's thinking about having kids. That part is true. But in doing so, she's concluded that the three beautiful souls she has are enough.

McKee uploaded a selfie on her Snapchat of herself in scrubs confirming that her third child, born this summer, will be her last, writing:

"Getting these tubes tied."

Astonishingly, Mackenzine turned 22 this week. Twenty-two. In August, Mackenzie welcomed her final child, a little boy named Broncs.

Yes, Broncs.

MacKenzie McKee and Broncs

Mackenzie wrote on Instagram after his birth: "Tucked you right in my shirt next to my chest where you belong. Momma loves you Bronclee.” 

Bronclee sure is a little cutie.

McKee, who starred on one season of the short-lived third iteration of the popular MTV franchise, continued gushing about the new arrival:

“Other than marrying your daddy and having your siblings, this was the best day of my life getting to hold you after a whole week of not getting to."

Because McKee had an emergency C-section, the baby - named for his dad's rodeo-riding career - was in the NICU due to complications.

He is thriving now though!

MacKenzie McKee and Kids

Mackenzie recently made news not just for giving birth to baby Broncs, but for her remarkable ability to bounce back after the pregnancy.

Being 21 years old helps.

Still, her bump was so huge with each of these babies, it looked downright painful, making it all the more amazing how fast it went away.

Mackenzie is also really into fitness, so perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised. Nevertheless, this was her third kid we're talking about!

And she looks like this!

Mackenzie McKee Post-Baby Body

Honestly. How in the ...

"Two months PP today... Follow me on snapchat to see my daily meals and workouts," she wrote, encouraging her fans to find out her secret.

That being ... workouts? Diets? Genetics? Being in your teens or early twenties when cranking out kids left and right instead of 35 or 40?

All of the above?

MacKenzie McKee is Beautiful

Either way, it's almost sad, in a sense, that she's not going to be having any more kids. Maybe not for her - we respect her decision.

For us though? Sad.

We'd love to see how long Mackenzie McKee's post-baby body bounce back routine can keep up at this kind of speed and consistency.

Plus, with three by the age of 21, she was on track to not only shatter Teen Mom records, but catch Michelle Duggar by the time she hit 40. 

Missed opportunities.

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