Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Who is the Source?!

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On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 11, Teairra confronted her demons and Princess dealt with an issue involving Ray J.

No, not the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Although we imagine there are always issues with that when one is in a relationship with Ray J.

In this case, however, her issue was with Sonja, leading up to the wedding. Let's break down what happened on the program Monday:

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood online, you know that Moniece Slaughter’s sex tape has become the central storyline of late.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 11 was no exception as her battle against co-star Jason Lee remained front and center.

Will she stop the tape from seeing the light of day, though?

Moniece Slaughter Nude

According to reports, it seems Jason has backed off on his threat to release the Moniece Slaughter sex tape regardless of legal action.

Moniece has already threatened to take Jason over the sex tape and allegations that Moniece had gotten pregnant by Shaquille O’Neal.

Nonplussed, Jason tweeted “I’m not worried about you and your petty a$$ behavior. Legal court or one of public opinion has never scared me.”

“You are a worthless piece of genetic garbage and if you don’t want the world seeing your pu$$y online drop giving it so freely to maf*ckas."

"You’d think your vagina had a ‘donate .50 cents a day’ sign next to it,” he wrote, summing up the drama as well as one tweet could.

Moniece Slaughter Image

In response, Moniece posted a simple statement on her Instagram page, informing fans that her legal team will be handling the situation.

Moniece did go to Lil Fizz for advice, though.

Worried about the impact of the tape's release on the son she and Fizz share, she confided that she can handle it, but fears for him.

Yet she may not have much to fear after all.


Jason has since implied that he may not leak the sex video to the public, but just wanted “to show Moniece how it feels to poke at people.”

“When I saw the video of her talking about an innocent child AFTER her comments about gay men giving women HIV," Jason Lee said.

"And her being rude to my staff at events in Hollywood I chose to take her on…. I have 5 sisters and nieces that I love to death."

"I would never want a man to exploit them."

He goes on to add self-righteously that "I would also never want them to attack people and innocent children the way Moniece has."

"Then use their children as shields.”

Says the man who made Brandi bark like a literal dog in public before he divulged an answer to her question. Just pointing that out.

Harsh words. Are they deserved?

Or should this jackass get the hell up off his high horse here? And who is the man who starred in the infamous, possibly fake sex tape? 

After all, regardless of whether this is all a nonsense plot line designed to drive ratings, dude is calling her out in awfully public fashion.

Makes you wonder what his agenda is, to say the absolute least, and whether he has an axe to grind beyond Moniece's alleged "poking."

Hit the comments to discuss.

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