Lindsay Lohan: Mom Dina Spills Secrets About Abusive Fiance!

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As you surely remember, Lindsay Lohan spent much of this year in a severely sketchy, allegedly abusive relationship with a man named Egor Tarabasov.

No, you definitely remember -- it'll be a long, long time before you're able to forget all the horrifying details Lindsay's shared.

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In an interview Lindsay did last month, she told a heartbreaking and also terrifying story that was just an example of what she faced.

"I went to bed and he broke into my house," she claimed. "He started strangling me."

Things only got scarier when Lindsay added "I feared that Egor may splash acid in my face. I jumped out to the balcony and shouted with all my force, 'He's trying to kill me, call the police!'"

She said she was lucky to have survived the incident.

It certainly wasn't the only such incident though: over the summer, a disturbing video was released that showed Egor chasing Lindsay down and roughly wrestling with her.

And who could forget that infamous bruise that overtook her entire forearm?

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Yeah, Lindsay was obviously in a very bad place, but thanks to this new interview with Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, we know that she's out of there for good.

First off, and most importantly, Dina says that Lindsay and Egor are "completely over."

Sound the trumpets and release the doves, because that's the best damn news we could have heard for our girl.

Dina was asked if she was pleased that Lindsay is a single lady now, and she says "In this instance, very happy. I can sleep at night."

Us too, Dina. Us too.

Dina Lohan Shares an Instagram Of Herself With Daughter, Lindsay

"He was just very young and it just wasn't working out. It got to the point where it was abusive," Dina explains. And let's hold up here.

Is it weird to anyone else that this is Dina's outlook on the relationship? Lindsay publicly stated that Egor tried to kill her, and Dina is seriously going to go with "he was just very young"? 

It sounds kind of rude and dismissive to us, but let's let Dina continue her story.

"I'm a victim of domestic abuse and it's hard. I never thought in a million years my daughter would have to experience that, but she did, and fortunately she's happy and out and done with it."

Dina Lohan Drunk Photo

"I wish him well," Dina concludes, "and I hope he gets help because he was a nice man."

At what point was he a "nice man," exactly, Dina? 

You'd think that Lindsay's mother would be a little more hesitant to praise her abuser, but obviously, you'd be wrong.

It's almost like Lindsay never had a chance, huh?

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